WATCH: Don Lemon’s New Show ‘Sours’ in Comparison to Reruns!

The low number of viewers continues to embarrass Don Lemon, who was just demoted. Because of a change in who owns CNN, Lemon lost his prime-time job and was sent to the minor leagues of cable news. People don’t want to watch him in the morning any more than they did in the evening.

Fox News says that Lemon’s “big name” wasn’t enough to get rid of the bad smell of CNN’s morning programming:

CNN replaced its long-struggling morning show “New Day” with a heavily promoted program centered around left-wing host Don Lemon, but viewership issues remained the same.  

The launch of “CNN This Morning” attracted only 387,000 total viewers on Tuesday, when the ensemble morning program featuring Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins officially replaced “New Day.” By comparison, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” managed 793,000 viewers and “FOX & Friends” averaged 1.5 million on the same morning. 

“New Day,” infamous in media circles for its inability to attract large audiences, averaged 413,000 daily viewers in 2022 before it was canceled – a larger audience than “CNN This Morning” was able to muster in its debut. 

And perhaps most funny of all, Fox looked at how other channels did and found that repeats and reruns on much smaller networks got more viewers than the far-left radical Don Lemon. Here are just a few more popular shows than his New Day:

Repeats of “Young Sheldon” and “The Big Bang Theory” on TBS, ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” decades-old reruns of “Gunsmoke” on INSP and “The Andy Griffith Show” on TV Land and TLC’s “Little People, Big World” were among the basic cable offerings on Monday that had larger audiences than the debut of “CNN This Morning.” 

I love how CNN can’t stop losing. From the way these numbers are falling, we can only guess how close Lemon’s clock is to midnight. What does it mean for Lemon’s future that CNN got rid of their better-rated morning show before him? He couldn’t do it in the coveted evening slot, and he can’t do it in the morning slot, so that’s about it for him.

Even though it was great to see Tater Stelter and Harasser Cuomo get fired right away, there might have been something to be said for seeing Lemon get treated worse. Instead of getting shot in the chest with a blaster, he has to spend a thousand years in the Saarlaac pit of fake news media. And when he limps away, which he will surely do, his name will be even worse.

Even better for those who spread fake news on CNN, it’s not just Don Lemon who’s about to lose his job. There are rumors that Jake Tapper, who has been in prime time since Jeff Zucker’s time, will also be demoted. He will have to give up his evening show and go back to boring afternoon tapings.

At this point, Erin Burnett is the only one left. If there was a picture in the dictionary for the word “schadenfreude,” I would choose the former prime time cast of CNN as my top entry. It makes me happy to see these scams fail.

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