WATCH: Kamala Was Just Called a “High-Ranking Black Indian” by Joe

You don’t need me to tell you that Joe Biden’s situation is becoming worse every day… To be honest, maybe by the hour. Whatever ailment he may have is progressing quickly. And the mistakes are also becoming worse. Joe recently claimed on live tv that he had signed his student loan forgiveness into law and that it had been approved by Congress by “one or two votes”. Okay, that is completely false. For his unlawful and unconstitutional student loan forgiveness, Joe Biden signed an executive order. It didn’t even approach Congress in any way.

That’s how confused Joe’s mind is at the moment.

Then, when he was about to have an interview with MSNBC, he experienced some bizarre technical difficulty that made him clam up and stop speaking. It was peculiar. It appeared almost as though he had a mini-stroke. And how can we forget that incident a few weeks ago when Joe Biden was meant to be paying tribute to a congressman who had passed away but instead called out to her in the audience and inquired as to her whereabouts? He was asking, “Jackie?  Where’s Jackie?” The moment was horrifying.

Joe is not a man in good health. He most certainly has severe dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and belongs in a nursing facility rather than wandering around acting like the “President of the United States.”

Regardless, the game continues.

We are therefore faced with yet another Joe Biden error. This time, Joe Biden described Kamala as the “Highest-ranking black Indian” while speaking about her on camera.

Joe remarked, “You elected the highest ranking black Indian, with Indian background, woman, in American history to be Vice President.”

This guy is the punchline of his joke administration, but he doesn’t know it (lucky him). Joe Biden will be seen in history as a clumsy, bewildered old idiot who made the entire world chuckle. And for this, he can thank his power-mad wife Jill. She ought to have prevented him from running.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of individuals had a lot to say about the 2020 election and its “ranking” system:

“No one elected Kamala. Or Joe for that matter…”

“Our country deserves better than this ever repeating embarrassment.”

“When did we start “ranking” Indian folks?” 

“At least there’s no more mean tweets LOL” 

“When did we start “ranking” people based on their skin color or country of origin? Is this a new thing?”

“Brandon The whole 2020 election is still questionable.”

Please tell me why they are allowing this idiot to speak. Joe should be kept in the White House basement until the midterm elections are over.  You would think that someone in that joke of an administration would suggest it. I mean, I’m glad they aren’t because every time he speaks, he aids in our cause.

So, Joe, keep talking!


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