WATCH: McCarthy Gives a Straight Answer When Asked About Removing Joe Biden From Office

When asked on Monday what he thought about the idea of impeaching President Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made it clear what he thought.

McCarthy talked to CNN’s Melanie Zanona about the midterm elections on Tuesday and what Republicans plan to do if they win control of the House and/or Senate. Many people think that Republicans will win control of the House. McCarthy, who could become Speaker of the House if Republicans win the lower chamber, promised to look into the Biden administration.

When asked about the possibility of House Republicans impeaching Biden, he slammed the idea.

Shouldn’t we know where the taxpayers’ money is being spent?” McCarthy asked. “I call that accountability. That’s a responsibility for congress regardless of whose ever party is in the White House.”

He continued, “One thing I’ve known about the land of America, it’s the rule of law. And we will hold the rule of law and we won’t play politics with this. We’ll never use impeachment for political purposes. That doesn’t mean if something rises to the occasion it would not be used. At any other time, it wouldn’t matter if it’s Democrats or Republicans. But the idea of what Democrats have done, what Adam Schiff has done, is treacherous… We’re better than that. We need to get our nation back on track. That’s what the Commitment to America does.

You can watch the video here:

McCarthy also said that Democrats were playing heated politics. He added that “aid” to Ukraine will no longer be given in the form of “blank checks.”

McCarthy stated, “I’m very supportive of Ukraine. No, I — it means no blank checks for anything. It means no blank checks for any other policy. I think there has to be accountability brought forth. We have a $31 trillion debt. I think the American people deserve that. You know, in 2015, I had gone to Ukraine after Russia had invaded it. And I then went to the White House with a bipartisan group and I met with then Vice President Joe Biden trying to get them to sell the javelins, a defensive weapon to protect the Ukrainian people.”

He continued: “And unfortunately, President Joe Biden at the time said Germany wouldn’t want that. And I asked him, well, let’s keep them in Poland so they could defend themselves. I just think the actions have been too slow, too late. I rather have taken actions where Russia would have never invaded, and I think we should look for forward looking to other challenges throughout the world, too. We should supply the weapons to Taiwan early so China would not invade, make the world a safer and more secure place. And that’s why I think you always need not a blank check but make sure the resources are going to whereas needed, and make sure that Congress and the Senate have the ability to debate it openly.”

It’s good to hear that he doesn’t tap dance around the issues that are plaguing this country today.


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