WATCH: Somebody is Lying! Bodycam Footage Tattles on Paul Pelosi’s Tall Tale

The Paul Pelosi story keeps getting stranger and stranger. It’s hard to keep up with a story that has changed many times. And for some reason, a story that was on the front page of every major newspaper and news show suddenly went away after an NBC News report said that Paul Pelosi calmly answered the door when police came and told them everything was fine.

Whoops! That broke every story told by the mainstream media like a hammer.

This was yet another strange turn in the story, and people were shocked to find out that everything they had been told before was a lie. But then, as more questions were asked, NBC News pulled the story, saying it wasn’t “up to their standards.”

What are the rules? The video is below:

Yeah, it sounds like this report was right on the money. Someone on Team Pelosi didn’t want THAT information to get out, so they killed the story.

It sounds like that, doesn’t it?

And now there seems to be proof that the NBC report was right on… Because an investigative reporter has seen the bodycam footage and saw that it was Paul Pelosi who answered the front door.

NBC Bay Area reported that the attack on Paul Pelosi and the moments leading up to it were caught on police body camera video. This contradicts one of the details in the Department of Justice’s account of what happened that night, according to a source familiar with the Pelosi investigation who saw the body camera footage and talked to the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit.

Even though the documents disagree about who opened the door, they don’t disagree about the main facts of the attack: David DePape, who is 42 years old, is accused of breaking into the Pelosi home and beating Paul Pelosi, who is 82, with a hammer. DePape is being held in the San Francisco County jail on multiple felony charges, including attempted murder. Court papers say that DePape was looking for Nancy Pelosi, Paul’s wife and the Speaker of the House, and he threatened to break her kneecaps.

DePape has said that he disagrees with the charges.

Well, NBC, I think that there are MANY “facts” about this case that are up for debate, including the “hammer fight” and whether or not DePape was really there to “see” Nancy. All of it is suspicious because this whole case is crazy, and the story has changed so many times I have lost track.

Buck Sexton filled in for Tucker, and on his show, he talked about this:

So, someone is telling a lie. Again, the story doesn’t make sense… We need to know what happened, and we need to see the video because the stories from the media and politicians don’t make sense, and we know someone isn’t telling the truth, so we need to see the video. Dems used this as a political tool, so Americans should know what really happened in that house.

Nothing about this case is normal or makes sense, and I think it was something else that was turned into a “political story” to save Pelosi from embarrassment.

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