WATCH: “That’s…It’s Black” Biden Trips on Stage and Blames the Color as the Culprit

Democrats are worried that they will lose big at the polls on Tuesday, and they also have to worry about districts and states that are almost all blue. Even though New York voted 60% to 38% for Joe Biden in 2020, the state’s Democratic governor could be replaced by a Republican. That’s a big deal.

Democrats sent Joe Biden to speak on Hochul’s behalf because they knew what might happen, and it went about as well as anyone could have expected. The man who ran for office from his basement and always makes mistakes gets angry, and falls down in public stayed true to himself, giving us this moment:

RedState wrote that what happened was strange even for Biden:

I feel like I say this in every piece I write on a Biden public appearance, but I’m at a loss. Did he get scared by his own shadow? I’m only half joking because even though we can’t see the stage, it doesn’t appear there was actually anything in his way. Later he walks in the same spot without issue. He seems genuinely startled at that moment, shouting “it’s black” without any further explanation. It was weird, even by Biden’s standards.

Biden talked about insulin prices (which he raised when he took office by rescinding a Trump executive order, only to lower them later), promised no more oil drilling in the middle of a man-made energy crisis, and brought back his “deer wearing Kevlar” joke. It’s no surprise that these fools are about to lose in one of the biggest midterm landslides in history.

Not only do they have policies that can’t be defended, but they can’t even act like they can.

Biden’s speech was a walking disaster. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video, here is what he said to the crowd:

This year with pharma lost and Americans won. We put a cap of $2,000 a year on prescription drugs for seniors, no matter what their cost 2, 10, 12, 15 – oops stepping on, it’s black anyway – No matter what the cost and some cancer drugs cost as much as that. They’re never gonna have to make more than $2,000 and we put a $35 month cap on insulin to deal with their diabetes. 

How many of you people know somebody who needs insulin for their diabetes? 

Or they’re paying an average of 400 bucks a month now. It costs 10 bucks to make it, 15 bucks total to package it, and they’re charging four [hundred] to eight hundred. That’s over now.

He’s talking about nothing. He goes back and forth between Big Pharma and insulin users so much that the subjects of every sentence change on a dime. Then there are so many numbers and statistics that it’s hard to take them seriously. He just makes stuff up.

He also has to talk about the times when he steps in something, steps over something, or just steps off something. RedState noticed that after that mistake, Biden started walking again without any trouble in the same spot.

It’s hard to believe that Biden’s appearance in New York on Sunday moved the needle even a nanometer. He is a walking and talking joke.

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