Aaron Rodgers: Science that Can’t Be Questioned is “Propaganda”

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an absolutely incredible player, one who probably would be remembered as one of the best players of his generation were he not one of the few brave Americans who took a stand during the Covid craziness and refused to back down or stay quiet on the jab issue, instead stepping up to the plate and speaking out about why he wasn’t getting it.

And so, despite his talents, woke NFL fans jumped on Aaron Rodgers, particularly after he promoted a medicine plan to treat Covid that he learned from Joe Rogan.

But Rodgers wasn’t quieted or cowed by those attacks. In fact, he’s continued fighting back, as he did in an interview with Pat McAfee. During that interview, Rodgers skewered the idea that the words of scientists must not be questioned if one wants to avoid being called a “science denier”. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the interview, Rodgers had many great quotes, such as:

“If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore, it’s propaganda and that’s the truth.”

“When somebody comes out with a scientific study, alright, what do they always say? They say it’s peer-reviewed. What does that mean?  It means that people in the same field have gone through it and questioned the hypothesis and questioned the research and looked it up to see ‘does this research stand up.’ That’s what science is all about. It’s about forming hypotheses, questioning those, testing those, and then releasing the results.

“When did science become this blind agreement, and then not having any debate over what can actually heal people and work for people? It makes no sense to me.”

Obviously, many who oppose Aaron will begin screaming for the tallest place they can find to say Rodgers is undermining doctors and is a rampant anti-vaccine activist. He made sure that clarify later in the interview that this was not the case.

“At the core, I don’t have a problem if somebody is vaccinated. Okay, it’s your body, your choice.”

“I made a decision that was in the best interest of my body and that’s what it should be. There should be the freedom to choose what’s in your best interest, not mandates sweeping, the disregard of people who have preexisting conditions or compromised immune systems.”

Rodgers continues to show no fear when it comes to the woke mob, something that has worked out for many high-profile celebrities recently. Dave Chappelle has seen a massive career resurgence, partially due to the storm that he endured when the left tried to cancel his Netflix specials.

It turns out that, though there are many “good German”-type Americans willing to do and say whatever the powers that be dictate, there is also a large segment of the population that is sick and tired of the censorship and silencings and would much prefer that people speak their minds, and so is supporting those that do, whether they be NFL superstars like Aaron Rodgers or comedy legends like Dave Chappelle.

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