Christian Movies Making a Comeback with this Conservative Actor

Actor Kevin Sorbo, a conservative and Christian known for bravely standing up for his values on Twitter, will be starring in a film called “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist”. That film, which will debut in theaters on January 26th of 2023, is a sequel to the original “Left Behind” films, which were based on a series of novels by the same name.

IMDB, describing the film, saysThe only light after the world falls into chaos is a charming new leader who rises to the head of the UN, but does he bring hope for a better future? Or is it the end of the world?

Sorbo will not only star in the film, replacing Nicholas Cage, who starred in the original film series, but will also be directing the Left Behind sequel, bringing his talents and worldview to the film’s creation.

Sorbo, discussing the timing of the film and its release in an interview with Fox News Digital, said:

“And I look at it and I’m like maybe this is a blessing. Because you look at the chaotic world we’re living in right now. It’s almost biblical. It’s almost got a revelation theme going to it in a way. So I found it interesting that it did end up where it’s at right now. And I don’t know, maybe this was meant to happen and come out now but it just seems like the time is right.”

I’m not one of those guys that stands at a corner and says, ‘The end is near.’ I don’t know when it’s going to happen. It could be 1,000 years from now. I don’t know. I don’t pretend like I know. Reading ‘Revelation’ and looking at what that book says, and reading the ‘Left Behind’ books, which I read many, many years ago, it just seems like wow, this is like a perfect set-up to what’s happening right now in the world with all the chaos, the anger, the hatred, the divisiveness. And I said if there’s ever a time for Jesus to come back, it seems like the right time to do it.

I think every movie’s got a faith-based element to it. I have atheist friends, I’ve got agnostic friends, we have great chats and talks about it all the time. But there is a need for it.

Emphasizing that point, Sorbo then said “There’s 80 million homes out there that want this kind of product.” Adding yet more to his opinion about the market for Christian movies, Sorbo said “I think there’s a need for more of these. I think more and more people want to see movies with a positive message, not all the negative, angry hatred messages that Hollywood keeps putting out in their movies and TV shows.

We’ll see if Sorbo is right and the film is popular. Hopefully it is, as it will put an interesting rendition of a Biblical prophesy in the home and mind of many an American, hopefully turning them toward the faith.

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