“Dr.” Jill Biden Makes Some Crazy Comments on Biden Running Again

President “Slow Joe” Biden is getting older by the day and certainly doesn’t seem young or healthy enough to be president now, much less the president for six more years. Despite his poor health and concerns from others about his age, however, Dr. Jill Biden, his wife is, according to a recent report on CNN, still “all in” on a Joe Biden 2024 run.

That report claims that Dr. Jill changed her mind about Biden running again after Democrats had a better than expected midterm election, reporting:

First lady Jill Biden, despite being so worn out from a recent circuit of White House events that she lost her voice, is now seriously looking ahead to her husband running for reelection in 2024. That’s a tidal shift from her position just three months ago.

Seven people familiar with Biden’s thinking told CNN that her private conversations about another run now match her publicly enthusiastic persona, as well as the sentiments of President Joe Biden.

In fact, according to CNN, one member of the administration who works in the West Wing said that Dr. “Jill Biden is now ‘all in’ on the idea“. Another source cited by CNN said that “[Jill Biden] is the one more aware of how the last few years have affected Joe [Biden.] We, collectively, as a country, all know the age issue, sure. But she’s the one who is consistently able to analyze it. She’s the one who thinks about every possible scenario that could play out for her family.

Joe seems to be on board with the idea of running too. Not only did he recently lose it when someone mentioned his age, but when discussing a 2024 run he said “I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it. I hope Jill and I get a little time to actually sneak away for a week around, between Christmas and Thanksgiving. And my guess is it would be early next year we make that judgment.

But despite Dr. Jill’s apparent enthusiasm and Biden’s insistence that “everybody” wants him to run again in 2024, things are looking much more like even blue America wants someone else to run. According to CNBC, which reported on a poll that found that Americans are ready to move on from both Trump and Biden, “The survey found 61% of the public think Trump should not seek the presidency, compared with 30% who believe he should. And 70% say Biden should not run for a second term with just 19% supporting a run“.

Continuing, CNBC added that “Substantial numbers in each politicians’ own party prefer their names not be on the ballot, including 37% of Republicans who don’t want Trump to run along with 61% of independents and 88% of Democrats. For Biden, 57% of Democrats say he shouldn’t stand for office in 2024 along with 66% of independents and 86% of Republicans.

So Biden and Trump might both be looking longingly at the White House and hoping to run in 2024, but it looks like Americans are starting to move on.

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