Kari Lake Follows Up on Election Lawsuit [WATCH]

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, lost the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election by a slim 17,000 votes, which she maintains was due to problems with the vote counting machines in Maricopa County on election day.

Because of her fury with the way the Maricopa election day ballot counting worked, Kari has filed a lawsuit in which she is asking a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to declare her the winner of the election, with the case heating up this week with Kari’s lawyers and Katie Hobb’s lawyers battling over whether there was state-wide fraud and who should be declared the winner of the election.

Despite the lawsuit from Kari Lake, Katie Hobbs just certified her victory on Monday. The outgoing Arizona Republican Governor, Doug Ducey, was a witness, as was the outgoing Attorney General.

Still, Kari Lake is fighting on despite Hobbs’ certification and appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to discuss what is going on with the lawsuit, as you can watch here:

As can be heard in the video, Tucker kicked things off by giving an introduction to what Lake is alleging in her lawsuit, saying:

According to official tallies, Kari Lake lost her bid to become the next Arizona governor by just over 17,000 votes. That’s a tiny margin in a big state. Now Lake is suing the state’s election officials she says many ballots were not properly counted. She also says her opponent then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, worked illegally with big tech to suppress voters online, and, for the record, that appears to be true.

Lake is also alleging widespread printer failures in Maricopa County. Also true. She says they prevented people from voting Maricopa County claims they didn’t stop anyone from voting but has not responded further. We reached out to Katie Hobbs his office and got no reply at all. Kari Lake joins us tonight. Here like thanks so much for coming on. So Maricopa County is as far as I understand it does not deny that a huge number of printers didn’t work on election day, but they’re saying it had no effect.

Responding, Kari Lake said:

Well, and it had a huge effect. Obviously, Tucker are our voters were showing up on election day, that was no secret. And the minute the polls open, the wheels fell off the ballot printers weren’t working. There wasn’t enough toner in the printers, the tabulators weren’t working, it became a debacle and the line started forming right away some of the lines three hours, four hours, five hours.

And there’s video of people walking out of line people told us and this is in our lawsuit that they showed up they couldn’t even find parking because the parking lots were falling the lines for long and many people didn’t even get to vote. And those who did vote when they went up to you know, get the printer out. The printer didn’t have toner in it. So the the ballots weren’t dark enough. And our voters were showing up and voting 3212. For me on election day, we vote for a full month in Arizona with early ballots. And on election day when the Republican showed up.

The Election Day voting was sabotage and that’s what our case is going to prove. It’s a 70 page lawsuit that reads like a real crime novel. And it’s shocking what they did. The man who runs Maricopa County elections, ran a PAC, he actually started a PAC raising 1000s of dollars to defeat me. And he’s running our elections and then my opponent oversees all the elections in Arizona. It was a conflict of interest. And not only was Katie Hobbs working with big tech to censor people, the man who runs Maricopa County elections, they were also censoring people as well online.

Tucker, responding to Lake and her allegations, said “I don’,t I don’t think anyone denies that a lot of the voting machinery didn’t work on election day. I mean, I don’t think that’s a controversial point…But weren’t they tested all the day before?

Lake, responding, hammered her point about what took place on election day not being okay home, saying:

They are supposed to be tested, but they they weren’t tested. They weren’t tested in the appropriate way. And they didn’t have the basics like toner in these machines. I mean, this is real basic stuff. It’s not like we don’t know when Election Day is we can figure out what Election Day is from here to eternity. And they were not prepared. And we’re, we will have an expert testifying that this could not have happened by accident.

There had to be malicious intent. We have an excellent court case. And we had our first hearing yesterday, and set up a time for our trial to begin, and it will be next Tuesday, and we will be presenting a lot of evidence we have for whistleblowers, one that worked for a company called runback, who said there were 300,000 ballots inserted into the into the system that had no chain of custody.

Others who were in the voter signature verification Department said 10s of 1000s of ballots were rejected because there were no signatures or scribbles. And they somehow got thrown in and counted anyways, there are a plethora of problems that went down in Maricopa County. And if somebody doesn’t stand up and say we can’t have our elections being run this way that will never have another fair election. I mean, 60% of the polling places on election day were in operational or non-functioning. When do we stop and say enough is enough, but it has to get to 80% 90%, 100%. When do we say we need to have our elections run fair?

So Lake is still fighting, even if the odds of victory are looking somewhat dim.

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