Lockdowns to Return? Biden Official Called Out for Supporting Crazy China Crackdowns, KJP Caught Flatfooted

If you thought the situation in the United States was shockingly totalitarian during Covid, then you need to look to Red China to see what hell awaits us if we follow along with what the Sinophile elite want. There, the subjects of the communist regime have been locked in their apartments for weeks on end because of Covid outbreaks in a city, with tens of millions locked down and unable to go buy even basic necessities because of the authoritarian state’s Zero Covid policy.

To Westerners, it looks, or at least should look, like hell on Earth. Freedom is dead, the totalitarian “public health” state reigns supreme, and one can’t even get basic necessities thanks to the overbearing state.

And it’s been horrible for the Chinese economy, an economy already on shaky foundations thanks to a popping real estate bubble creating massive debt problems. Because of that, the Chinese state has started backing away from its Zero Covid policy, which is at least the potential for a breath of fresh air for millions of oppressed Chinese subjects.

Yet Dr. Anthony Fauci, the manlet of Covid tyranny himself, is freaking out about that and wringing his hands about “new variants” if China backs off the totalitarian approach. One can’t help but wonder if he helped create those “new variants” too. In any case, Fauci’s pro-totalitarian viewpoint was called out in the December 19th press briefing, with a journalist asking KJP:

Karine, I have two questions. To follow up on the COVID in China, Dr. Fauci has said that he worries about a new — relaxing of the zero-COVID policy going to result in a new wave of infection in China and result in new variants. Is the United States considering any, you know, precautions, like, you know, that the travelers from China have to produce, like, a negative result test in the coming month?

KJP, caught unprepared and unready to defend the little tyrant, said:

So, look, it’s — the way that we see it is it’s important that countries focus on getting people vaccinated and making testing and treatment easily accessible. And so we continue to carefully monitor the state of the pandemic globally so that we can continue to stay ahead of it. That’s always — we’ve — always heard to say that we want to be one foot ahead.

And so, I don’t have anything more to share on any specific, you know, policy as it relates to China.

KJP’s unprepared response came despite a journalist asking about the China situation just moments before, saying “China acknowledged their first two COVID-19 deaths since they changed their strict pandemic control policies. Does the administration have any concerns that this change could affect, you know, the global supply chain, the global economy? And has the U.S. been in touch with China about it?

KJP, attempting to respond to that question, said:

So I don’t have anything to read out on any conversation with China. Clearly, all of the — all of these things, as it relates to the economy, we keep a close eye on. But as you know, we — we are just not going to comment on China’s policy.

What we’re focused on — focusing on right now is making sure that Americans across the country get the new vaccine. We know — we know the tools that work to protect us from COVID, and so we’re going to continue to speak directly to the American people on what those tools are. And, again, we — we encourage Americans to get that new vaccine, especially ahead of the holidays.

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