McCarthy Unloads on FBI, McConnell in Blistering Attack

As Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans back down to the left and go along with the absurd Omnibus Bill, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the current House Minority Leader widely expected to become the Speaker of the House come January, is taking a somewhat surprising hardline stance. In fact, not only is he vowing to tank whatever Senate Republicans try to do moving forward if they go along with the Omnibus Bill, but now he’s attacking the FBI and remaining on the attack against the bill itself.

Speaking about the Omnibus Bill during a Tuesday night appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle”, Rep. McCarthy said:

“They moved a continuing resolution until right before Christmas. They’re passing — trying to pass this where nobody can read it. You’re correct, you have Leahy (D-VT) and Shelby (R-AL) — two Senators who will no longer be Senators 14 days from now — write a bill that they wouldn’t even show anybody. Then they’re going to have the House of Representatives tell them you can’t leave for Christmas until you vote on this.

“Well, you know what, the American people are smarter than this. The American people understand, they want to stop wasting money causing more inflation. They want to have a say in this process. Don’t buy into what the Democrats planned all along. They never moved these bills through the light of day. They never had a hearing in the process.

“And you know what, when we take the majority, we won’t allow the Senate bills to come up unless they move through committee. We won’t allow them to do an omnibus again. But we need to stop this one now, let us craft one in the beginning of next year where we can save and eliminate waste, but actually save money for the taxpayer as well.”

That wasn’t all. Moving on from attacking the bill generally and the tactics Democrats have used to try to ram it through, McCarthy then took a surprisingly strong anti-FBI stance, saying:

“Think about everything we’re learning now that the FBI spent at Twitter, at Facebook, at Google, why would we increase any funding there until we can have our Church-style hearings to look at the FBI, to reform the FBI? We’re getting more information every day.

“Why would we blindly fund them when we’re looking overall through the year? Why wouldn’t we have a check and balance here? Why couldn’t we bring them in? Why couldn’t we look at the Intel. Committee that signed that letter and have some subpoenas go forward where we have more information for the American taxpayer to know where their money is being spent and how? Accountability is a good thing.

Rep. McCarthy’s stronger, more conservative stances are likely a result of his needing to appease the Freedom Caucus to become the Speaker of the House. Because of the slim majority Republicans have, he needs to corral the whole GOP contingent into voting for him if he’s to win, and so needs to convince the Freedom Caucus he’s on their side by taking stronger stances such as these.

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