“Congratulations on Being a Traitor”: MTG Demolishes Adam Kinzinger on Twitter, Exposes Real Intent of Jan. 6th Committee

Adam Kinzinger, back on the 19th of December, announced on Twitter that the January 6th Committee, the “Unselect Committee” as Trump calls it, would be referring four criminal charges against former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice,  saying:

Our work on the @January6thCmte has led us to criminally refer Donald Trump to DOJ. We now turn to the criminal justice system to ensure Justice under the law. The American people can ensure he’s never elected again.

Well, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene saw Kinzinger’s ridiculous tweet and skewered it in an epic thread of her own. Beginning the thread, she blasted the anti-democratic intent of the committee, exposing it as simply wanting to stop Trump from running and saying:

Oh look! Crybaby Adam actually proved me right.

“The American people can ensure he’s never elected again.”

The J6 communist committee wants to stop President Trump because even after stealing the election they can’t beat him, so now they want to haul him into court.

Continuing, she then exposed how the far-left tried the same disgusting tactics with her in an attempt to keep her from running or winning, saying:

This is their play. The Communist left tried to stop me from being elected too by dragging me into court with their insurrection lies. But liars don’t win. And crybaby Adam wasted a bunch of money mailing a stupid newspaper of lies to all my voters. They re-elected me bigly.

Ending the thread, MTG then returned to bashing Kinzinger, calling him a traitor and sellout. In her words:

Congratulations on being a traitor selling out to the Communist Democrats and being their used up little tool.

You know who won’t ever be elected again?

You, crybaby Adam.

Thanks for proving me right so quickly too.

Attached to that thread was another tweet in which she pointed out that Democrats and their RINO allies like Kinzinger are fighting to hard to stop Trump now because they worry they can’t beat him, saying “Here is the real reason the J6 communist committee is making criminal referrals to the DOJ on Trump. They can’t beat President Trump and they know it. January is coming.”

Rep. MTG wasn’t the only one that caught on to what the Democrats and their RINO allies were up to, trying to stop Trump by prosecuting him rather than fighting him in an election. Other conservative accounts caught on as well and posted about it as comments on Kinzinger’s tweet, saying things like:

So you admit you’re referring charges with the intent of keeping your political opposition from holding office

One-sided commie Kangaroo court

That’s what it was about all along. Dems and RINOs don’t care about “justice,” they only care about stopping Trump. Period. Fortunately, Kinzinger and Cheney will never be elected again either.

Trying to figure out who is the biggest loser, Adam Kinzinger, Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell.”

That illegitimate committee and Garland’s rogue DOJ are inspired by Lavrentiy Beria & have shat all over our Constitution in order to produce prime time show trials and politically motivated persecutions, while real crimes by uniparty pols and drug cartels are ignored/covered up.

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