Musk Demands Answers From Schiff as Twitter Files Drama Unfolds

The latest of the Twitter files were a real doozy, showing that not only was the FBI involved in generally pressuring Twitter to silence critics of the regime or others with what Orwell would have called “double plus ungood” viewpoints, but that it did so with the Hunter Biden laptop, exerting its pull and influence to keep the Biden campaign rolling along and shielded from what could and should have been very dangerous (to it) criticisms that likely would have been quite impactful on the election.

Such is what journalist and politician Michael Schellenberger exposed in the latest episode of the Twitter files, saying:

45. In the end, the FBI’s influence campaign aimed at executives at news media, Twitter, & other social media companies worked: they censored & discredited the Hunter Biden laptop story.

By Dec. 2020, Baker and his colleagues even sent a note of thanks to the FBI for its work.

That shows the FBI taking a far more direct and active role in effectuating censorship on Twitter than it insisted was the case when it released a disclaimer about what it was up to after journalist Matt Taibbi got the ball rolling on exposing FBI involvement with the censorship regime. In that statement, given by it to Fox News Digital, the FBI said:

“The FBI regularly engages with private sector entities to provide information specific to identified foreign malign influence actors’ subversive, undeclared, covert, or criminal activities. Private sector entities independently make decisions about what, if any, action they take on their platforms and for their customers after the FBI has notified them.”

Oh, and the FBI was paying Twitter for going along with its censorship requests, as Schellenberger also reported, sayingThe FBI’s influence campaign may have been helped by the fact that it was paying Twitter millions of dollars for its staff time. “I am happy to report we have collected $3,415,323 since October 2019!” reports an associate of Jim Baker in early 2021.

Now Elon is demanding answers from Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Retweeting Schellenberger’s latest Twitter files expose, Elon said:

Government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor info from the public

As (outgoing) Chair of House Intelligence, did you approve hidden state censorship in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States @RepAdamSchiff?

Schiff, in response, said that he doesn’t support censorship…but then demanded more censorship of things he doesn’t like, saying:

I don’t support censorship. Or hate speech.

As the (outgoing) CEO of Twitter, how about you? Why not do more to stop slurs against Black people, LGBTQ+ people, Jewish people, and others? Do you commit to providing the public with actual answers and data, not just tweets?

That followed another ridiculous tweet of Schiff’s about Elon in which he said:

Elon Musk calls himself a free speech absolutist, to justify turning a blind eye to hatred and bigotry on Twitter.

But when journalists report unfavorable news, they are banned without warning.

The devotion to free speech is apparently not that absolute. But the hypocrisy is.

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