“None of Us are…Safe”: Son of Murdered Atlanta Grandmother Speaks Out

America is, thanks to the crime wave that followed George Floyd’s death and the ensuing attacks on law enforcement officers both on the streets and in the media, dealing with a ruinous rate of crime right now. Murders that shock the conscience happen frequently. Property crimes seem as mundane as infomercials. Assaults have turned sidewalks and subways into Stalingrad. And those in charge of law enforcement and public safety won’t, thanks to political correctness, take the criminals with rap sheets longer than Hunter’s list of oligarchs to collect money from off the streets.

Such was obviously the case in bright blue, Democrat-run Atlanta this week when a 77-year-old woman named Eleanor Bowles, a valuable citizen loved dearly by her friends and family, was stolen from them when a black thug named Antonio Brown brutally murdered her in her Buckhead home, stabbing her to death. Her son, Michael Bowles then found her dead in her garage where Brown left her after stealing her Lexus and driving away.

That son, Michael Bowles, appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday to discuss the horrific murder of his mother and the crime wave that all Americans are suffering under right now. Speaking to Fox News Channel’s Todd Pirro, Mr. Bowles said:

“I think the crime issue in this country is so much bigger than Buckhead. It’s so much bigger than Atlanta. This is happening everywhere. And I will say she did feel safe… and that that’s not unique to Buckhead. I think most of us feel safe in our homes.”

Continuing, Mr. Bowles said And what we want to explain to people, or I hope people understand, is that none of us right now are as safe as we think we are. Maybe if enough people learn about this story, maybe we can all do something about it.

Following up on that, Mr. Bowles went on to comment on the failures of government that led to Mr. Brown, a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet, remaining on the street despite a criminal record. In Mr. Bowles’ words:

It took, unfortunately, the worst thing imaginable to finally get him caught. I think that the community can do, and our taxpayer-funded institutions can do a better job of dealing with these people, and maybe he could have been helped earlier on. We don’t know. It’s too late for that now, obviously, but there was a failure there along the way.”

Mr. Bowles did, however, support law enforcement despite that failure and call on other Americans to support the police too, saying:

I want to take this moment to really express my gratitude to them and to tell everyone that’s listening to this, the police officers that work across this country deserve our support. That’s a huge problem right now. They want to help. I can tell you that. They want to help. They don’t have the support that they need, and I think it’s on us to do to help change that.”

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