Rep. Chip Roy Nukes McConnell in Epic Rant

Americans on the right and left are getting sick and tired of their elected politicians pledging to do one thing and then doing something completely different as the corrupt DC regime continues advancing its priorities at the expense of the American people.

Such is particularly true with Senator Mitch McConnell, who always talks a tough game…and then backs down immediately when presented with any opportunity for a “bipartisan” deal that gives the Democrats everything they want.

And so Rep. Roy appeared on the floor to demolish DC corruption and Mitch McConnell’s terrible policy of backing down to the left at every opportunity.

Rep. Roy began by blasting DC corruption and wasteful spending, saying:

The American people pull their hair out, they go, gosh, what on earth is happening in Washington?

Well, I’ll tell them what’s happening in Washington. This. This is what is happening in Washington. We know what this is about. This is jamming through a bill at the 11th hour to get the political priorities of the current Democratic majority, and a handful of Senate Republicans are happy to do it, so they can get pork.

The house in the Senate has requested a total of $16 billion for 7500 earmarks the top requester Senator Richard Shelby, ranking member, a member of Senator appropriations with $656 million. This is a nice little send off for the appropriators in the Senate.

But the fact of the matter is the American people are the ones who get screwed in this deal. They’re the ones who end up losing their country with $32 trillion in debt

Continuing, Roy went on to point out how frustrated Americans are growing with DC corruption and GOP uselessness, saying:

At what point are we going to actually debate at what point are we actually going to amend? At what point are we actually going to live within our means and stop writing checks we can’t cash? The American people are staring at us. They throw their hands up in the air, and they wonder what has become of the country that their brothers and sisters and dads and moms and daughters and sons have fought for.

Why do we stand in front of that flag? Why don’t we open and prayer? Why don’t we say the Pledge of Allegiance if we’re going to rip apart the flag right here in this body in this chamber, because that’s what we’re doing? Using backroom deals, dropping these bills on the floor, and not allowing us to actually engage in debate over these important matters.

And that then gave him an excellent opportunity to rip into McConnell and demand the GOP start fighting back rather than backing down, saying:

The American people are tired of it. I hope help is on the way. I’m glad that Republicans seem united against this in the house. And I’m looking at Mitch McConnell when I say this, do your job Leader McConnell, do your job and follow the wishes of the American people who gave a majority to Republicans in the House of Representatives. And let’s stop this bill.

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