WATCH: Child Breaks Down Crying After Woke Santa Scolds Him For Wanting Nerf Gun For Christmas

Leave it to a woke Santa to ruin Christmas for a normal kids, as such is exactly what happened when a young boy asked Santa for a Nerf gun and Santa’s refusal sent him into a tearful tailspin.

Watch that here:

The incident, captured on video and posted to Facebook by the boy’s mom, apparently took place in Chicago in December of 2020. It was then that a four-year-old boy named Michael asked the local mall Santa for a Nerf gun for Christmas and Santa responded by saying “no guns.” The boy then broke down and started crying.

As you can hear in the video, Michael told Santa that he wanted a Nerf gun. Santa responded by saying “No, no guns.” Michael’s mother, thinking that Santa might not have correctly heard her son, said “Nerf gun”, as a clarification. But that didn’t matter. The Bad Santa was apparently an anti-gun radical, as he maintained the ridiculous anti-toy gun stance even when it made the boy cry, saying “No, not even a Nerf gun.”

Gun grabber Santa then added “if your dad wants to get it for you, that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you.” Michael’s mother was shocked and saddened by the incident, saying “I had to fight back tears right along with him.

While that Santa kept up the Gabby Giffords routine without backing down, the mall and another Santa were more reasonable and understanding. After the incident went viral and the mall where Santa made Michael cry found out about what happened, the mall sent another Santa to Michael’s home to bring him the Nerf gun he had asked for.

ABC 13, reporting on what happened after the mall made amends by sending the second Santa to young Michael’s home, said:

DeCarlo edited her original Facebook post to say that the mall had responded quickly with “kindness and understanding.”

“We thought it was very kind and we’re grateful for their quick response to restore my son’s faith in Santa,” DeCarlo said.

People who commented on the YouTube video of the incident posted by SkyNews Australia were furious about the incident, saying things like:

“What’s so sad is that the boy already looked extremely shy, he was socially nervous but even so he still gathered himself and got the courage to speak up about what he wanted only to be met with rejection and retribution. Poor boy, he was crushed. It was just a nerf gun. Kudos to the mom for comforting him and telling him he would still get it!”

“As a father and a law-abiding gun owner, this broke my heart. I never want to see a kid cry.”

“This appalling behavior absolutely should have immediately gotten him fired.”

“I can only imagine how it feels to be four years old getting publicly chastised by Santa, essentially being told that I’m a bad person.
The story has a good ending in case some of you didn’t hear: A different Santa came to the boys house and gave him an enourmous nerf gun and an apology for what happened.”

Featured image credit: screenshot from embedded YouTube video

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