“Whiny, Woke, Annoying”: Megyn Kelly Destroys Ex-Prince Harry

During a recent broadcast of her show on SiriusXM, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” conservative commentator Megyn Kelly spoke out about the newly released Netflix documentary on ex-Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, blasting the show and arguing that the average Joes who view the documentary, or at least the average viewers of it, will not be able to connect with the “struggle” the wealthy, former royals claim to have.

Commenting on that, Kelly said “The people this pair is asking to feel sorry for them, have their own problems. Real ones. They live paycheck to paycheck for the most part. They have kids in public schools where they worry about depression or drugs and crazy teachers. They work all day. They’re tired. They need a vacation that they’re probably not going to get, and they don’t have a closet full of designer dresses, never-mind stylists surrounding them for major black tie events as we see in this piece. They live in small houses or maybe an apartment.

Such people, normal people like all of us, care about real issues, Not a thrice-married woman who is now a former princess complaining that the royal family wouldn’t accept her or appearing in a documentary about how much she wants privacy. Or, as Megyn Kelly bluntly put it, normal people just don’t give “a damn about the mean tweets” that so upset Meghan and Harry.

Speaking on that point and continuing her no-holds-barred takedown of the former royals, Megyn Kelly said:

They keep a watchful eye on the rising gas and electric bills, the cost of groceries as they try to save for college and still give their kids a nice Christmas. Too often they’re dealing with health issues or dependency or unexpected layoffs, and they certainly don’t give a damn about the mean tweets being sent out about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

“One thing I did find interesting was the amount of emotional baggage Harry still carries. It’s big. Good gracious is this man insecure? Partly because he’s a ginger. Yes, wait for it. And partly because he clearly has not worked out the trauma of his mother’s premature death.”

Still Kelly wasn’t done. Continuing, she blasted Meghan Markle as “whiny, woke, annoying”, saying “Time and time again, I said to myself, while watching this, ‘This guy needed therapy. Not the weird tapping thing he did — a real psychotherapist. That is what he needed. Not a whiny, woke, annoying wife.

Kelly then mocked Harry’s attachment to Markle and pointed out Markle’s real interest in marrying him while also mocking Harry’s subpar intelligence, saying:

Does anyone really think if he were Harry Jones instead of Harry Windsor, this beautiful semi-known social climber would’ve given him the time of day? It is a bit shocking that she’s with him until you consider his title, fame, family, money — sort of. Castles, staff and access to fabulous things and people. That’s what lured her in, clearly, not Harry’s red hair and not his Mensa IQ either. Just kidding, that’s not a real thing. Remember when he called the First Amendment bonkers? This is no scholar. All of this is a downside of being a prince, I guess, and not even the heir, just the spare. Honestly, though, it’s probably also a downside of being a Gates or a Jobs or a Zuckerberg or a Beckham or a Brady, but it does explain why she so easily leads him around now by his little red puppy dog ears.”

Watch Megyn Kelly absolutely demolish the woke royals here:


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