“Be With Your Kids”: NFL Star Encourages Tom Brady to Finally Retire [WATCH]

Tom Brady has been knocked out of the playoffs and is finished with the worst season of his long and storied career. Now, as rumors swirl about the possible retirement of the NFL’s greatest quarterback, many prominent figures in the sport have opinions about what is right for Brady.

One such player who gave Brady advice is Jordan Poyer of the Buffalo Bills. Poyer, who spent the early part of his career being brutalized by the Brady-led offenses of the New England Patriots. On his podcast, The Jordan Poyer Podcast, Poyer gave this take on what his former rival should do next:

“Tom, you know I love you, and I feel like I’ve been riding for you all year. Early on — you can go back to my podcast — I said, ‘You can’t count Tom out.’ … And sure as s—, he made the playoffs. You did everything you could’ve did in this league.”

Poyer pivots and says what many of Brady’s fans are thinking following the public blow-up of his marriage with model Gisele Bündchen at the beginning of the season, saying, “I understand you love this game. Go be with your kids, man.”

“Go be with your kids, Tom. I appreciate everything you’ve done in this league. I got two picks off of you, one to the crib. Lost both games. I’m 0-11 against you. Yes, please go. Go be with your kids, Tom.”

Poyer then said, speaking on Brady’s recent game, a devastating, painful loss “I didn’t like watching that game. It was hard to watch. You’re down 27-0 at halftime (it was 18-0). He was defeated. You could see he was defeated. I still think he obviously knows everything about everything, the insides and out of football. But it does take 11 to play the game.

Some people, commenting on the above Twitter video, agreed, saying things like “Totally agree, he should NEVER have given up his family for football.”

Many others pushed back on both the claims Poyer was making and his being the one to attack Brady’s performance, saying things such as:

“Poyer? Who? Another no name NFL player that will never get a Ring.”

“Let’s make it past the divisional round once @J_poyer21”

“I wish people would stop saying things like this…cause your insinuating he’s not with his kids! He probably spends more time with his kids than the average adult does. Cause there are a lot of day to days that he doesn’t have to deal with and can be spent all with his kids.”

“What I don’t understand is people saying go be with your kids, you can play football and spend time with your kids, a lot of Parents work 50+ hours a week and still have time to spend with there family and Tom gets 6+ Months off a year so it jus makes zero sense”

“So you’re saying every NFL football player is giving up on their kids/family because of playing football? So you’re giving up on your family because you play? You should retire as well!”

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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