Burrow, Griffin Other Good Guy Athletes Buying Iowa Farmland

In an age where bad actors in the sports, entertainment and political world seem to be bent on ruing everything, it is refreshing to actually see celebrities and athletes doing good things. Notice I left politicians out because they do absolutely nothing good. Even the Republicans mostly suck. While anti-humanity dirtbags like Bill Gates snatch up prime ranch land with no intention of raising or growing anything that might benefit humanity, a consortium of good-guy stars from the NFL, the NBA (shocking, right?), Major League Baseball, and the NHL have joined forces to actually do good in the world. Imagine that! Check this out.

Top athletes across North America’s “big four” sports are trying something new: farming.

Joe Burrow, Blake Griffin, Kevin Gausman, Anders Lee, and around 20 other athletes are purchasing a farm in Iowa. The purchase was made from a fund of roughly $5 million for agricultural investments that each contributed to.

Why would prominent athletes in the prime of their careers be interested in investing in Iowa farmland? Do they plan to work the soil? Of course not, but considering these are some of the better dudes in their individual sports, it’s no surprise to find out that they are doing so for the benefit of Iowa farmers.

The group is purchasing a 104-acre, corn- and soy-focused farm in northern Iowa through a special-purpose vehicle arranged by Patricof Co.

Kemba Walker, Khris Middleton, Zach Ertz, and Sam Hubbard are also buying in.

The group will lease the land to farmers and seek a single-digit-percentage annual return on the total investment.

The group — which will purchase four additional farms within the next few years, seeking a diverse set of agricultural assets — have looked into watermelon farms in Oregon, which tend to be smaller and offer higher per-acre rent.

Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Joe Burrow is an Ohio farm boy himself, and along with fellow Ohioan and teammate Sam Hubbard are teaming with these other notable good-guy stars to purchase this land and allow farmers in Iowa the opportunity to work the land and earn a living for only a single digit return on the investment.

New York Islanders left wing Anders Lee, Dallas Mavericks guard Kemba Walker, Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton, Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz and Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard are among the other athletes who have invested in the project.

Iowa State University has said that the average value of Iowa farmland rose 17 percent in 2022, reaching $11,400 an acre, according to an annual survey.

KCCI reported the land would be used to grow corn and soybeans.

If the investment proves to be profitable for both the investors and the farmers, more future investments could be made. Investments in small businesses and family farms are a stark contrast to Bill Gates hoarding land for the sole purpose of leaving it unproductive in the name of “climate change.” It’s good to see sports stars using their money and platform for good, and hopefully more will follow their lead in the future.

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