Disgusting! Major Kid’s Brands Sponsoring RuPaul’s All-Age “Fashion” Show at His Drag Convention

RuPaul Charles, the man mostly responsible for the drag craze that is grooming children everywhere, is taking his DragCon show to England this year, and some of the corporate sponsors are shocking. Crocs, the shoe company that is famous for their line of children’s slip-on rubber shoes, and the children’s show Teletubbies are prominent sponsors for this year’s iteration.

The DragCon performance started in (not shockingly) Los Angeles in 2015 as a way to promote “the art of drag, queer culture and self-expression for all.” In other words, an excuse for grown gay men to dress like women and gyrate on each other sexually in a public space. Not exactly an appropriate event for the kiddos. Until now, apparently.

This year’s DragCon counts the perforated shoe company Crocs and the children’s’ television show “Teletubbies” among its sponsors. Both the convention and the after-hours shows are all ages, despite some performers set to walk about with fake sex organs exposed.

The event website states, “DragCon is an all-ages, family friendly event and all are welcome at RuPaul’s DragCon UK. Kids 8 and under are free when accompanied by an adult with a ticket.”

In addition to permitting children into a convention where men impersonate women, often exaggerating female sexuality and physical attributes, children will also be performing in drag for adults — paid for by Crocs.

As has been pointed out numerous times in picture and video from events like these, just because you label something “family friendly” doesn’t mean it really is. If, as a parent your idea of family friendly is to have grown men in assless chaps with rubber genitalia exposed, while kids shove dollar bills in their underwear, perhaps you shouldn’t have a family? Taking it a few steps further this year, RuPaul will be allowing underage kids to “hit the catwalk”.

One posting announcing the underage fashion show was captioned, “Hit them with your catwalk, kids.”

Children will not be alone on the stage, however.

According to the Gay Times, adults dressed up as WildBrain’s Teletubbies will in attendance and participating in the convention’s “Kids Fashion Show.”

In addition to the underage fashion show, the convention has several “drag queen story time” events scheduled in the “Kid Zone.”

On a side note, the Teletubbies are kind of gay anyway, but that still doesn’t make their corporate sponsorship any more palatable. Same with Crocs. As parents we have to know where our money is going and what corporations are doing with it and spend accordingly. These brands will not stop their bad behavior until the dollars start drying up. Not all in the drag community are down with indoctrinating kids, however.

One performer who goes by the stage name Kitty Demure has repeatedly condemned the admission of children to drag shows.

“What is the lesson to be learned to see a man dressed up, wearing a wig, and being sexual in front of your child? We used to arrest men like that,” Demure told “Jesse Watters Primetime” in October.

Demure suggested that the leftist parents who take their kids to such events share in the blame.

They “think they’re being inclusive. They think that they are teaching them some kind of valuable lesson,” said Demure.

Demure is correct. He rightly points out that leftist parents are partially to blame. They are raising a generation of sexually confused kids that will have no answers when they are the generation tasked with running the country. Nothing good comes from children interacting with drag queens. Adults are free to do what they choose, but when it involves minors, it should be called out for what it is, grooming.

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