Exercise Now Racist; Fat for the Win!

In one of the more absurd thoughts ever to be put on paper, Time magazine has asserted that exercise and fitness is rooted in white supremacy. Yes, to be fit is now considered racist. I worked all of these years to be healthy and stay in shape only to find out I am a damned dirty white supremist! Talk about bad luck! The world is spinning out of control. Men are women, women are men, cats and dogs are living together, and obesity is sexy, healthy, and totally not racist. Check this out.

Early 20th century pushes for exercise in the U.S. stemmed from “white supremacy” in order to produce “more white babies,” according to a TIME Magazine piece that also blamed the coronavirus pandemic for having “accelerated fitness inequality,” and alleged it is wrong to presume that fat people are “not fit” or that they “want to lose weight.”

The essay by staff writer Olivia B. Waxman, titled “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness,” describes the evolution of U.S. exercise trends, which allegedly began with “reinforcing white supremacy.”

Well great! Why would a society that was predominantly already white push for more white babies? Do people that write tripe like this think white people are having secret meetings discussing how we can get our population numbers up? This is by far some of the most absurd ideas I have ever read. There is no such thing as “fitness inequality”. Literally anyone can exercise unless they are physically unable to. To claim otherwise is simply making excuses for laziness and apathy. It costs literally nothing to walk, do push-ups, do sit ups, or even skip a rope. Using the pandemic as an excuse is lazy as well. I realize blaming covid is the hip and trendy way to deflect from a person’s own laziness and problems, but the OUTSIDE wasn’t closed, even if some cities ridiculously took down basketball goals and closed parks. Excuses are the preferred food of the fat and lazy, and covid has been an all you can eat buffet.

“Until the 1920s or so, to be what would be considered today fat or bigger, was actually desirable and actually signified affluence—which is like the polar opposite of today, when so much of the obesity epidemic discourse is connected to socio-economic inequality and to be fat is often to be seen as to be poor,” she said.

She claims the switch happened when “caloric food became more accessible, and as more people were doing sedentary white-collar work and had access to cars and leisure,” leaving someone “who could resist those caloric foods, exercise, and have a thin body” to be seen as “more desirable.”

Deeming it the “most surprising” matter she learned during her research, Mehlman Petrzela claimed that while early twentieth century fitness enthusiasts called for women to rid themselves of corsets (because they are an “assault on women’s form”) and to begin weightlifting and body strengthening, it was not due to a “progressive” approach but rather to “white supremacy.”

“[T]hey’re saying white women should start building up their strength because we need more white babies,” she said.

Again, claiming the societal shift from fat to fit was due to white supremacy makes as much sense as saying black people can’t exercise or run because white folks will think they are running from a crime. You are simply taking a prejudice and finding a situation to apply it too. Perhaps women desired to live longer and be stronger since they were charged with raising the children and a man had a much shorter life span? Maybe women just wanted to feel better and look better.

“They’re writing during an incredible amount of immigration, soon after enslaved people have been emancipated,” she added. “This is totally part of a white supremacy project.”

Claiming that gym usage has been “rebounding rapidly” since recent coronavirus lockdowns, Mehlman Petrzela lamented how much the pandemic “accelerated fitness inequality.” 

“You can go home and be on your Peloton if you can afford it, if you have the space for it, but not everyone can,” she said.

She also noted that running “access,” too, “was never totally equal,” for example, “if you lived in a neighborhood that didn’t have safe streets or streets that were not well lit.”

Absolutely correct that not everyone can have a Peloton. They are expensive. Again, race isn’t an excuse for this. If you want a Peloton, save, hustle, work a side gig, whatever you have to do. No one SHOULD just hand you a Peloton in the name of equity. If there are such great inequities racially in regard to fitness, why is the vast percentage of college and professional athletes black? Luck? Time magazine is a far-left rag and has been for years. The assertion that fat is actually fit, and fitness is rooted in white supremacy is insulting, incorrect and dangerous. The rest of the world is watching and waiting as America turns to fat, and Time magazine isn’t helping with their propaganda.

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