French Dairy Seeks To Mask Cows To Save the Planet

A French dairy giant thinks they have a great idea to help defeat the boogieman of climate change; cow masks. Danone said Tuesday it wants to slash methane emissions by 30 percent within seven years. Cows are notorious for their emissions, but my understanding is cows have been around for thousands of years so why the attack on our bovine friends now?

AFP reports Danone said it would seek the cuts by 2030 using cow breeds that emit less methane, improving cow diets, prolonging their milking periods and capturing emissions from manure to be used for biogas, for example.

It is unclear exactly what breed of cow farts, eats, and burps less than your average, garden variety long lashed moo-cow, but Danone is seeking to manipulate diets and milking habits to attempt to save the planet. The cows on the other hand aren’t being given much say in the matter. To them it is a moooot point. Cows are going to eat, walk, poop, and fart often at the same time.

The company is also looking at innovative solutions to help reduce emissions including a cow mask that can trap burp gases, the report continues.

The question remains, what kind of mask can you put on a cow? Shouldn’t scientists be concerned with masking the stinky, business end first? After all, cow farts are a significant source of methane. Won’t the cows just constantly be pulling the masks down to talk to their cow friends? Wait, I’m describing sheep, uh, I mean people. At least all of the people that fell for the mask hysteria since 2020.

“We will see how we can improve practices in general on farms,” spokeswoman Jeanette Coombs-Lanot told AFP.

The company said it would reduce emissions by 30 percent by the end of the decade compared to 2020 levels.

The target for change set by Danon covers all fresh dairy products, such as yoghurt, made from milk the company purchases directly from 58,000 dairy farms in 20 countries. The company’s milk production accounts for 70 percent of the firm’s methane emissions.

Danon’s consideration of cow masking is the latest assault on global farming practices being implemented by government and non-government agencies alike.

The goal here is much more insidious than simply tackling fake man-made climate change. World economic entities want to destroy agriculture and as a result millions, if not more could die of starvation. In many countries milk and dairy are staples of a poor person’s diet, and if prices increase or even worse, supplies dry up then people will die. Ultimately that is what groups like the WEF want. They want fewer mouth-breathing poor people so they can complete their overhaul of the global economy.

New Zealand’s left-wing government has already announced a plan to tax livestock farts plus burps to spare the environment from emissions of methane and nitrous oxide.

Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, announced the “world first” levy on the nation’s six million cows and 26 million sheep last year as a step towards tackling climate change, as Breitbart News reported.

Ardern’s move has angered the nation’s farmers who see it as a war on their livelihoods and an attempt to drive them out of business.

The British government previously announced it may also seek to impose carbon taxes on the food industry which could see the price of meat and dairy climb even further in a bid to tackle supposedly man-made climate change.

Fart taxes, burp taxes, sheep taxes, where does it stop? Are farmers going to start marrying their sheep, so they aren’t taxed? That may be the next step in America, but for the rest of the world we will see. All joking aside, if possible (farts are hilarious), it is truly a war on agriculture and farmers. The best way to battle this nonsense is to hit a company like Danone in the wallet. Buy local, from local dairy farmers when at all possible, and stop putting money in the pockets of the climate change nutters. Until we as consumers become disciplined and sacrifice for the common good, leftist zealots will continue to attempt to drive farmers out of existence.

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