Globes Not So Golden, Numbers Crash to All-Time Low

Once upon a time, Hollywood awards shows were entertaining, often hilarious opportunities for America to see all of their favorite actors and actresses in one place. Some of the greatest films ever made have been honored by the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Now, with Hollywood at the apex of wokeness, and the viewing public showing less and less interest in being lectured and shamed, the Golden Globes has fallen to the all-time lowest ratings in its history. A small surprise considering the direction Hollywood has been heading. Check this out.

According to the preliminary numbers, Tuesday’s NBC telecast of the Golden Globe Awards crashed to an all-time low. 

This year reports Programming Insider, only 5.36 million total viewers tuned in. For comparison, on that same Tuesday night, over at CBS, two out of three of its procedural dramas beat the once-mighty Globes. At 8 p.m., the FBI drew 6.43 million viewers. At 10 p.m., FBI: Most Wanted attracted 5.92 million.

Someone named Jerrod Carmichael hosted this year’s iteration of the Globes. Who is he? Great question. Apparently, he doesn’t have the star power to even bring in the folks hoping for drama like the “slap” or in hopes he will take swipes at the Hollywood elite ala Ricky Gervais. Carmichael, a black man, is a writer and has starred in his own low-rated show ‘The Carmichael Show”, but it certainly isn’t compelling enough to command viewers’ attention. That much is evidenced by the ratings as well. According to Forbes:

At its height, The Golden Globe Awards on NBC, which signal the unofficial start of the awards season, attracted as many as 26.8 million viewers (in 2004, according to Nielsen Media Research). Of course, there were no streaming services or as many cable networks at the time. Translation: less competition. So, virtually every network series, awards shows included, have seem the traditional ratings dwindle over the years. But the long-awaited return of The Golden Globe Awards on Tuesday after a one year absence fell below expectations.

NBC is paying a reported $30 million a year to broadcast the failing Golden Globes. How do executives at these networks that continue to make terrible business decisions keep their jobs? Truth is, no one wants to watch a bunch of out-of-touch, pompous, entitled rich snobs sit around and clap for each other. These people specialize in PRETENDING. That is something literally everyone has done since they were small children. The fact that many of them act like they are better equipped to decide how normal Americans live based on their ZERO real-world experience is a definite turn-off to most people. Instead of simply accepting their undeserved awards and humbly saying thanks and sitting down, many of these people use their platform to make political statements and preach to the unwashed masses. Guess what? The masses don’t care anymore. The ratings prove it, and until Hollywood does a 180-degree turn and starts acting like they aren’t the moral authority of America, more people will be tuning out awards shows and watching Seinfeld reruns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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