Gross! Washed Up Madonna Crosses the Line With Blasphemous Spread in Vanity Fair

Madonna has spent her career pushing the envelope and shocking for entertainment. That was all well and good in the 1980’s and even the 1990’s as the music scene is super competitive and you have to keep the spotlight on, even as you age and your fanbase ages out. For Madonna, it’s been controversial songs about religion, borderline obscene behavior on stage, and outrageous sexual imagery. Again, all of which was fine when she was much, much younger. Today’s version of Madonna is an aging, washed up pop star desperate to recapture a fanbase that is no longer there, and a fame that no longer exists. She is a sad, old bag of bones made almost unrecognizable by plastic surgery and is tarnishing her legacy by acting like a crazy granny. Her latest hijinks are perhaps her worst. Check this out.

The pop star Madonna has launched an attention-grabbing photo montage in Vanity Fair Italia, posing variously as the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ and featuring dolls apparently representing dead babies.

Returning to the sensationalist shock-art that launched her to celebrity in the 1980s, the 64-year-old diva poses as the Mother of Sorrows for the cover photo, which depicts her heart pierced by seven swords, traditional iconography for the seven sorrows of Mary.

Yes, Madonna has used religious imagery during her entire career. She was raised Catholic and has incorporated those themes into her music and music videos. Perhaps that is the difference here. There is no catchy tune to make you forget about the blasphemy. This time it is just a saggy old lady trying to look like Jesus and Mary. Just gross. Madonna tries to defend her gross spread and blame the church.

More disturbing still for many Christians, Madonna also poses three times as Jesus Christ during the Last Supper, surrounded by half naked women and holding up bread in apparent reference to the Catholic Mass.

In the accompanying interview, Madonna plays the role of victim of vicious attacks by the Catholic Church in which she was raised.

In Rome, “I was fiercely criticized by the Catholic Church,” she asserts, adding that while she was promoting In Bed with Madonna, she was astounded to see herself attacked by the Church, “because it incapable of understanding how much my work was trying to produce something good.”

“I quickly realized that they were the problem, not me,” she states. “They were the problem because they did not understand that my work as an artist united people, gave them freedom of expression, unity. It was the mirror of Jesus’ teachings.”

Madonna compares herself to Jesus and his teachings in perhaps the most obnoxious display of hubris in her career. Considering she is getting to the age where she could meet him on any given day, maybe she should be dialing down the blasphemy a notch? Probably not. I have read my Bible as well, and don’t recall a bunch of fat, half naked chicks at the Last Supper fighting over a loaf of Subway bread like what is portrayed.

Madonna has made a career out of mocking her Catholic faith in various ways, from portrayals of Jesus’ crucifixion, to songs such as Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, and Live to Tell, and her most recent photo shoot will come across to many as a tired, unimaginative retread of past excesses.

Early in her professional life, the pop star chose to make blasphemy her preferred stock-in-trade and when other gimmicks fail, she inevitably returns to the springboard of her celebrity.

It’s a sad spiral into obscurity and absurdity for the former “Material Girl”, and if she isn’t careful the spiral might end in an eternal date with a pointy tailed fellow in red pajamas. Not sure if he will want her either.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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