Shut Up, Meathead! Dem Blowhard Reiner Gives Hilariously Bad Take On Biden Document Scandal

Rob Reiner, better known as “Meathead” on the classic 1970’s sitcom “All in the Family” continues to prove why the iconic character was more rooted in reality than anyone ever realized. Reiner, an ardent Joe Biden supporter and a chronic sufferer of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, or TDS as medical professionals call it (kidding), usually starts his day with an ever-hopeful Tweet about Trump FINALLY getting charged. Of course, this never happens because we live in a real world with real laws instead of the fantasy land Meathead resides in. This still doesn’t stop poor Rob from wishing and hoping, likely between slices of pizza and pieces of cake. In light of the latest revelation regarding Joe Biden and his gross mishandling of classified documents, Meathead has doubled down on his lunacy. Perhaps the head is all fatty tissue now, and less lean meat. Check this out.

Hollywood celebrity Rob Reiner, who vigorously campaigned for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, is now helping to perform damage control for the president in the wake of damaging revelations that Biden kept classified documents from his time as vice president in unsecured locations, including his Delaware car garage next to his prized Corvette.

In a tweet on Sunday, Rob Reiner declared that President Biden is a “decent law abiding person,” comparing him unfavorably to former President Donald Trump, whom he called a “pathologically lying criminal.”

As Archie Bunker would say “shut up, you!”. Reiner, who has no evidence of President Trump being a “pathologically lying criminal” aside from the voices in his giant head, hilariously insisted that Joe Biden is a “decent, law abiding person”. Aside from the likely tax fraud, back room deals with the Chinese, alleged sexual abuse, and kickbacks from his crackhead son, Meathead is right. Old Joe is the salt of the earth!

Reiner has yet to directly comment on  Biden’s classified documents scandal despite having repeatedly called for Trump’s indictment over classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago . As president, Trump had full authority to declassify documents while Biden as vice president did not.

Reiner has stayed quiet on the subject of Joe Biden and the “misplaced” documents. Maybe he has mouthful of food, or maybe he is simply in denial. It would crush Reiner, if that’s possible, to discover that his hero Joe Biden is really a lying, corrupt demi-god lining his dusty old pockets with ill-gotten gains from foreign governments. Of course, that is all “alleged”. What isn’t alleged is Rob Reiner has lost it. It’s truly a case of art imitating life. Reiner played a loony leftist Commie on television, and he lives the role in real life. Unfortunately for Rob, the heat is getting turned up on the Biden family, and there isn’t a delicious baked good about to come out of the oven.

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