“Heaven is Real”: Clinically Dead Woman Claims She Saw Heaven, Hell While Dead

Charlotte Holmes was visiting her doctor for a routine check-up when suddenly her blood pressure spiked and she was told she was either about to have a stroke or a heart attack by her attending physician. Following the massive spike in her blood pressure, Charlotte claims that she was suddenly viewing things from outside of her body and was then, suddenly, “above her body”.

Speaking on what she saw happening, Charlotte said They called a code and they come running in. I was above my body. I could see them doing chest compressions. I could see them, all the nurses around. I could smell the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever smelled. And then I heard music. And when I opened my eyes, I knew where I was. I knew I was in Heaven.” 

She has since recounted her entire ordeal. During the routine checkup with her cardiologist, she remembers him expressing urgency with her situation and explained she would be getting hospitalized. 

Her husband, who was there with her as the powerful episode began, says Charlotte started describing things that weren’t in the room. “She started talking about the flowers,” he said. “Well, I looked around and I knew there was no flowers in that room. That’s when I knew she was not in this world when that was going on.

That’s because she was soon clinically dead and, according to her, catching a glimpse of heaven…and hell. Speaking on that incredible experience, she said:

I was above my body. I could see Danny standing in the corner. He had backed up. I could see them, all the nurses around. And then I opened my eyes. I looked around at the beauty. I could see the trees, I could see the grass. And everything was swaying with the music. Because everything in Heaven worships God. I can’t convey to you what Heaven looked like, cause it’s so above what we could even imagine, a million times.

Continuing, she added There is no fear. It’s like pure joy. When the angels take over, there is no fear. When you are going home, it’s pure joy.” 

And she was reunited with long lost family members, saying I saw my mom. I saw my dad. I saw my sister. I saw family members standing behind. I saw saints of old. See, they didn’t look old. They didn’t look sick. None of them wore glasses. They looked like they were in their 30s. But yet it says in the scriptures, ‘We will be known as we were known.’ I know them. There, in their new bodies, they looked wonderful.

And that’s not all she saw while in Heaven. Standing behind my mom and dad was a light so bright. I couldn’t look upon it. So bright. But I knew it was my Heavenly Father. I saw a toddler. And I can remember thinking, ‘Who is this?’ And I heard my father say to me, my Heavenly Father say to me, ‘It’s your child.’ I lost that child. I was 5-1/2 months pregnant. I can remember them holding the baby up and saying, ‘Charlotte, it’s a boy.’ Then he was gone. So when I saw this toddler, I said, ‘God, how is that possible?’ He says, ‘They continue to grow in Heaven. But there’s no time. It’s eternity.’ So 48 years, and here my child, our child, is a toddler.”

But God didn’t just show her her long lost family members and the saints of old. He also gave her a glimpse of Hell. Recounting that, she said:

God took me to the edge of Hell, and I looked down and the smell –rotten flesh. That’s what it smelled like, and screams. After seeing the beauty of Heaven, the contrast of seeing Hell is almost unbearable. And He says, ‘I show you this to tell you if some of them do not change their ways, this is where they shall reside. I heard my Father say, ‘You have time to go back and share.'”

Watch Charlotte describe the incredible, powerful experience here:


Charlotte managed to make a full recovery and was released from the hospital after a two week stay. Pleaing for people to listen to her story, she said:



“People need hope. They want to know that there really is something out there. They want to know that everything’s okay. I have been privileged to bring people to Christ, as He asked me to. All the authority that He had, He has given to us, in the name of Jesus Christ. Not because of who we are. God promises, He said if it were not so, He would’ve told you.  But He’s gone to prepare us a place, and it’s more real than you can imagine. I can look you square in the eye and tell you for sure, ‘Heaven is real.'”

By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1

Featured image: Screen shot from embedded YouTube video.

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