Rep. Lauren Boebert Shreds NFL for Divisive Two Anthems

100 million or so eyes were on the NFL last night and , it did just what everyone expected and went fully woke, playing the so-called “black national anthem” before the game. Since the left can never miss an opportunity to virtue signal, the so called ‘black national anthem” will be played for the third consecutive year prior to the game. Social media has not let the moment go without mention. Fox News reports:

The NFL’s pre-Super Bowl festivities will include a rendition of the Black national anthem for the third consecutive year. Even as the league had “Lift Every Voice and Sing” on the docket for weeks, the inclusion of the song stirred debate on social media.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, the star of the comedy series “Abbott Elementary,” will perform the song at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. 

Social media has been torn on the song and why the league feels the need to play it. We have Canadian NFL fans, why not play their anthem? The song is called the “black national anthem”, despite the song not actually being a song.

The “song” was actually a poem written in 1900 for a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. It was only set to music years later, and only in the last several years been recognized or played. It has been since the advent of social justice warriors and virtue signalers that most people, white or black even had any idea it existed. In an event that is supposed to be the biggest event in American sports, some question why the NFL feels the need to divide the country even further by playing it before the National Anthem. Lauren Boebert chimed in on Twitter:

Responding to Boebert, some people agreed and said things like:

“why doesn’t the Federal Government sanction the NFL for allowing “woke” players to kneel for the US National Anthem. play football in our free country as players are entitled to do. mount the soap box for civil rights in a separate venue. “there’s a time and a place for everything”. these responses are absurd. people should have respect for their US citizenship reciting the Pledge of Allegiance the same way the National Anthem is sung. we don’t teach civics in schools. the foundation of our country on civic duty to the community and nation is lost. may God help us.”

“She’s right and the whole thing is scripted anyway!!”

“Woke is trying to get everywhere! Instead of uniting people all they do is divide us!”

Others denigrated her and the National Anthem, saying things like:

The only proper way to celebrate America is to sing a song about a battle from which US troops retreated, written by an aristocrat who owned slaves and wanted freed black people sent back to Africa, set to the tune of an old British drinking song.

“Woke means anti-racist. Denigrating by using woke means you’re pro-racist, evil and wicked. Try learning about the words you use.”

By: Will Tanner. Follow me on Twitter @Will_Tanner_1

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