WATCH: LeBron Pretends to Crown Himself When Humiliated by Booing


NBA star LeBron James, disliked by many for his on-court flopping, obvious hubris, and woke politics, got brutally booed by the crowd at the Super Bowl last night when shown on the Jumbotron. As the crowd booed, “King James,” LeBron put an imaginary crown on his head. Watch the wild incident here:

Sports Illustrated, commenting on the incident, said:

LeBron James is used to being booed at arenas around the NBA.

On Sunday, he experienced the same while attending the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. When he was shown on the Jumbotron during the game, the fans in Arizona began to boo.

James, who played for the Miami Heat from 2010-14, is no stranger to criticism, took the ribbing with ease. He responded by putting an imaginary crown on his head. The gesture was reference to his nickname of “King James.”

This isn’t the first time that LeBron has had to deal with hecklers recently. During a recent NBA game, a heckler mocked his receding hairline and LeBron stopped and glared at the fan before being hustled along by his security, as we reported, saying:

During the recent Clippers-Lakers game, which the Clippers won 133 to 115, a fan managed to trigger LeBron, king of the on-court flop, with a joke about his receding hairline. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the clip, the guy shouted “Hey Bron! Hey Bron! You better get this s*** together! With that receding-ass hairline!”

Continuing, the guy shouted, while laughing at his own joke, “Look, he mad! Look at him! You sick!”

LeBron then stopped and menacingly started toward the heckler before the security team stopped him and got him moving again, de-escalating the situation.

Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA player known for his anti-China, anti-LeBron stance, recently attacked Lebron as well, saying He’s one of the best players to ever play the game, but at the same time, if you see what he stands for, there are so many human rights violations that are happening around the world. He called himself more than an athlete. He called himself a human rights activist or freedom fighter. So I was just very disappointed in him, just, you know, choosing money and business over his morals, values and principles.”

“[James] signed with a company like Nike that pretty much uses slave labor sweatshops over there in China,” Kanter Freedom continued on Fox and Friends. “He talks about all the problems that happened around the world. But when it comes to one specific topic, China, he stays silent, and that is hypocrisy.”

Adding context to that and James’ relationship with communist China, James once criticized a former general manager for comments made about Hong Kong freedom fighters and called the man “misinformed.” James’ silence on continued oppression speaks volumes of his priorities. 

At the same time he is silent on China, he has made ridiculous statements suggesting blacks are hunted down by police in America and even posted an image of a police officer who heroically saved the life of a young black woman – all because the officer had to shoot and kill another black woman who was assaulting the victim with a knife.

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