“Aren’t You Outraged”: Comedian Uses St. Patrick’s Day to Shred Wokeness [WATCH]

Because there are so few truly funny comedians left, not mention few comedians willing to stand up to wokeness and the political correctness police, it’s always fun to find clips or skits in which a brave comedian makes jokes at the expense of the wokies and their ridiculous, politically correct freak outs.

Such is the case with a hilarious video about St. Patrick’s Day outrage made by a comedian named Sebastian Maniscalco in 2021.  Watch him stand up to cancel culture and mock wokeness here:

As you can hear in the video, he first said, “I’m taking a big risk here. I don’t even know if I can say this. This could jeopardize the whole thing right now, but I can’t stay silent any longer.” He then wished a Happy Birthday to St. Patrick and, following up on it, said:

Is that okay? Or is Patrick, did he do something? Did we dig up something on him? What he do? Are we okay with the color green? Is that all right? Does someone get hopped up if someone takes out a green crayon? Four-leaf clover: are we all right with that? Leprechauns: how about that? The leprechauns gotta go, right? […] Pot of gold? He shouldn’t have a pot of gold because what? He’s fortunate that he worked hard and made his money, so he’s gotta give his gold to everybody else? You tell me what I can and cannot say. Aren’t you embarrassed?

Hilarious stuff, and right on point: wokeness is absurd and destroys all that is fun and traditional in the same of saving the feelings of psychotic cat women who will inevitably find a way to be outraged regardless.

Louder with Crowder, commenting on the video in a recent article, said:

Of course, he was doing a bit. No one, at least this year, is trying to cancel St. Patrick’s Day. I’d like to think it’s because we Irish are the last group to maintain their sense of humor during these overly politically correct times. Us, the I-talians, and rednecks. I’m just saying, I am, in fact, drunk as I write this.

But St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t been canceled, YET. All it would take is one person to be offended by one thing and tweet about it, and the holiday would uncritically go away. Singing “Fields of Athenry” would become hate speech. Celebrities would suddenly decide St. Patrick’s Day was full of too much “whiteness.” Politicians would look to score points off activists and have the name changed to Little People Appreciation Day. President Biden would sign whatever executive order about it after someone tells him to. That’s the point Maniscalco is making. Sadly, no. No one is embarrassed about it.

Predictably, the wokies went ahead and used St. Patrick’s Day to push wokeness anyway. NBC News, for example, published an article in 2022 in which the author encouraged Irish Americans to use St. Patrick’s Day to confront their supposed history of racism, saying:

Minstrelsy might not be part of church celebrations anymore, but white Irish American Catholics still get defensive about racism. We resort to familiar tropes like “my family didn’t own slaves” or “we were discriminated against, too,” or “all lives matter” to protect ourselves from the ugliness of the racism that has wrapped itself around many Irish Catholic family trees like a choke vine.

But there is a better way to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick in America, one that reconnects us solidly with those who long for freedom.

To start, on St. Patrick’s Day we could let go of feeling defensive or guilty about the racism in our Irish American Catholic history and simply tell the truth about it. Certainly, researching my own family has flipped over plenty of rocks. Some relatives lived in a city parish that records of the American Catholic Historical Society indicate was built on land bequeathed to the church by an Irish-born slave owner who had two enslaved people baptized while living there, while others kept their heads down in a rural parish less than 15 miles from the Mason-Dixon Line, while Black refugees of slavery were secreted by on the Underground Railroad. Some lived in predominantly Irish parishes that organized to keep Black families out, and some attended predominantly Irish Catholic colleges — like my current employer, La Salle — that were slow in letting Black students in.

Featured image credit: screengrab from the embedded Twitter video

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