Keanu Reeves Says He’s Open to Role in “Yellowstone”

Rumors have been swirling about changes to “Yellowstone” the show and its cast in 2023. Particularly, the show could soon be coming to an end because star Kevin Costner is reportedly at odds with the director, Taylor Sheridan. Because of that, reporters everywhere ask some of the biggest names in acting how they would feel about appearing on the hit modern western. With Kevin Costner out and the show’s popularity near all-time highs, who wouldn’t want to be on it?

The most recent actor to be asked about starring in the hit show is Keanu Reeves, who spoke to ET Canada about his interest in being in a show like “Yellowstone” and said that he’d certainly be interested in being in “Yellowstone,” even if only as a cameo. Specifically, he said “I’d love to do a western! So yeah! Sure.”

Keanu Reeves isn’t the only star who could eventually be sporting a cowboy hat for the show. Paramount is also reportedly in talks to bring Matthew McConaughey on board. Deadline reported on the situation, writing that:

“We are told Paramount Network has declined Costner’s most recent proposal and instead has made the decision to move on to the other show, sources said.  

“What all parties are now wrangling is a Yellowstone franchise extension that Sheridan will write with McConaughey as the star. The True Detective star is currently in negotiations.”

Another report was released a few days later by Puck, which said that there had been instances of in-fighting between the Costner camp and executives at Paramount, saying:

“Costner tried noting Sheridan during the first couple seasons of Yellowstone, which I’m told didn’t go over well. And once the show became a smash hit, Costner is said to have begun squeezing. He demanded to be compensated for promotion days, say two sources, despite a contract that pays him $1.2 million per episode for the 16 episodes of this fifth season, rising to $1.5 million per episode if there is a Season 6, plus an overall deal with MTV Entertainment Studios that runs through 2025. A couple seasons ago, Costner’s WME team closed a major renegotiation, then he went back to his lead agent of ten years, Brad Slater, who had put Costner in Yellowstone in the first place, and demanded that Slater re-open the deal for additional asks.”

We’ll see what happens. Reeves would be awesome to see in a Western thanks to his terrific firearm-handling skills. Whereas it’s odd seeing many actors handle a firearm in movies given how obviously uncomfortable they are around them, Reeves knows his way around rifles, pistols, and shotguns, so seeing him sling lead while on horseback and sporting boots and a cowboy hat would be terrifically fun.

Further, getting Costner out of the franchise and Reeves in could help the show attract conservatives put off by Costner’s support of Liz Cheney during 2020.

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