“Logistical Nightmare”: MSM Makes Embarrassing Admission about EVs

EVs have risen in popularity over the past few years, particularly as the government pushes subsidies for them and gasoline has gotten expensive thanks to oil policy and the sanctions on Russia.

Despite that, however, people are beginning to realize that electric vehicles are less convenient and reliable than they thought.  Even woke ABC is admitting that owning and driving these vehicles is a “logistical nightmare” due to their inferiority to gas-powered cars.  A story written by ABC states:

YouTube personality Steve Hammes leased a Hyundai Kona Electric sport utility vehicle for his 17-year-old daughter Maddie for three reasons: it was affordable, practical and allowed Maddie to put her cash toward college, not fuel. Now, the upstate New York resident has a dilemma many EV owners can relate to: finding available charging stations far away from home.

“We’re going through the planning process of how easily Maddie can get from Albany to Gettysburg [College] and where she can charge the car,” Hammes told ABC News. “It makes me a little nervous. We want fast chargers that take 30 to 40 minutes — it would not make sense to sit at a Level 2 charger for hours. There isn’t a good software tool that helps EV owners plan their trips.”

The charging experience is so long that companies are beginning to design charging stations with retail stores to occupy drivers while they are waiting for their EV’s to reach a sufficient battery level.  The article continues:

Sandwich chain Subway announced Wednesday it was partnering with GenZ EV Solutions to build “Oasis Parks” at select dining locations. EV customers can expect charging canopies with multiple ports, picnic tables, Wi-Fi, restrooms, green space and playgrounds to make the charging experience more “seamless,” Subway said.

Examples of the problems with EVs abound. The charging problem is particularly severe, turning what would be quick road trips into painfully long odysseys, as the American Tribune reported, saying:

Things didn’t go so well when Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Wolfe attempted to travel all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana to Chicago, Illinois in a brand-new Kia EV6.

In fact, after completing what should have been a relatively easy road trip in a brand-new vehicle, the journalist was sick and tired of dealing with the slow-charging electric vehicle, complaining that she spent more time charging it than sleeping and that, once she was done with the experiment, gas “fumes never smelled so sweet.” And that’s despite the high price of gas.

Writing about the trip in a column for the newspaper, Wolfe chronicled the difficult journey and all of the many pitfalls of attempting a road trip in an electric vehicle.

Notably, the problems with the trip and car included the Kia having an even shorter range than she expected, difficult to deal with and finicky charging cables, charging stations that were somehow even slower than the already painfully slow speed at which they advertised being able to charge the electric vehicle, and the many areas of the country where there aren’t any of the relatively speedy charging stations, forcing her to rely on even slower charging ports.

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