Oscar Nominee Angela Bassett Ripped For “Sore Loser” Moment After Losing to Jamie Lee Curtis

As most Americans continued to snub the Oscars in favor of doing literally anything else, about 18.7 million did tune in to watch the woke awards show. Among the typically drab, boring programming, they saw some seriously bad behavior from one of the award nominees. 

That would be Oscar-nominee Angela Bassett, a contender for Best Support Actress, who made the rounds on the internet as the “sore loser” from Sunday’s awards ceremony for her sour-puss reaction upon not hearing her name read from the opened envelope.

Bassett lost out to Jamie Lee Curtis for her portrayal as Deirdre Beaubeirdre in the Best Picture-winning Everything Everywhere all at once. As cameras focused on the nominees, she could be seen mouthing “Oh, shut up” as she heard her name called.

Bassett looked extremely put off and neither applauded nor stood for Curtis’ victory. 

Here was the moment for which Angela Bassett got ruthlessly mocked:

“Angela Bassett is an amazing actress, but the sore loser vibe… It would be great to see women supporting each other, even in the face of disappointment (esp. during women’s history month.),” one Twitter comment read below the video, hilariously pointing out the leftist lovefest with special months.

“Angela Bassett is a sore loser, I’m no longer a fan of hers! It actually makes me happier that Jamie Lee Curtis won, now knowing that Angela Bassett had this hateful reaction! #Oscars,” said another.

Predictably, the usual crowd came to Bassett’s defense.

“Good for Angela Bassett not smiling nor clapping. Y’all expect Black women to not only be exceptional, but be happy for others who get accolades we deserve over and over,” a user wrote in her defense.

So Bassett should have won because she’s black, in that commenter’s view, presumably meaning that Curtis should have lost because she’s white…sounds about right for the race-obsessed and delusional modern left.

Having made a point to not see anything Hollywood churns out, it’s impossible to address which actor was more deserving. As Jamie Lee Curtis has dutifully shown up for the woke brigade and been in the industry for a while, it’s just as likely “it was her turn” more than anything else.

After all, if art is subjective, who’s not to say every single actor in every single film deserves their own little trophy? Thanks, postmodernism. It’s all so tiresome…and reminiscent of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, which essentially boiled down to “elect this woman because we want a woman to win.” Only now it’s “support this trashy superhero film because we want a black woman to win.”

But that was the main highlight for an Oscars otherwise only known for how few people tuned in to watch it compared to pre-Covid times, when a sub-20 million viewership level, which this one missed by nearly 1.5 million, would have been astoundingly bad. So at least fewer people tuned in to watch the woke actress’s bad, petulant behavior.

Featured image: Screenshot from embedded Twitter video.

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