Pat Sajak Tries Tackling Contestant in Bizarre “Wheel of Fortune” Moment

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak stunned his live audience and television viewers when he engaged in a wrestling hold with one of the contestants on his weekday show.

During the taping, a contestant by the name of Fred revealed he was, among other things, a professional wrestler. This tidbit came in handy after Fred won every puzzle thrown at him and the two other poor souls, who left empty-handed, and even cruised to a sweet $40,000 victory in the final round. Fred wound up winning over $75,000 for his efforts.

Sajak first asked the other two contestants after time ran out if they wanted him to “body slam” Fred for his complete domination. They said yes, and then once Fred won the bonus round, the host let him hug his father before wrapping him up in a confusing hold. While the gist is obvious enough – he was having fun in the moment – it was confusing to plenty of other folks.

Take a look a the recap of the show and the final moments leading up to the bizarre move.

Fox News summed up some of the online commentaries, writing:

“Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!”

Another fan questioned, “What was with Pat at the end?”

“Don’t fall Pat,” one comment read. 

Others seemed alarmed by the game show host’s wrestling moves, “I would never wrestle a contestant like Sajak was doing if I was host of Wheel of Fortune I do handshakes literally.”

Again, while it seems obvious what was happening, with Sajak simply having fun with a big winner in the moment based on previous conversations, it just doesn’t feel like the risk is worth the reward. We’ve seen professional athletes injure themselves after celebrating big scores. No one needs to tell Pat he’s not in the same physical shape as these players – or as young. So there’s that.

This isn’t the first time Sajak has raised eyebrows. He did so back in September of 2022 when he took a photo with firebrand GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. check it out here:


The online mob got outraged and MTG immediately swooped in and put an end to this online madness.

There is nothing more pathetic and hypocritical than the left’s whiny cancel culture. I’d like to solve the puzzle please.

M-A-K-E  A-M-E-R-I-C-A G-R-E-A-T  A-G-A-I-N.

Somewhat surprisingly, Sajak is a long-time conservative and supporter of conservative causes. Sportskeeda provided some background of Sajak’s Hillsdale College and how they are working to transform America for the better, saying:

In 2021, Hillsdale College’s president Larry Arnn was the central force in transforming the country’s education system with a conservative insurgency….Hillsdale is collaborating with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida to reinstate a focus on civic education and has helped design an optional teacher training program.

Sajak has served on the board of Hillsdale since 2003, lending his credibility and wealth to the conservative college.

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded video

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