WATCH: Conservative Actor Compares Hollywood to 1930s Germany in Powerful Interview Segment

Conservative comedian Tim Allen is one of the few actors in Hollywood willing to stand up to the leftist worldview. Whether it’s his advocacy for Christianity or his outspokenness about Hunter Biden’s well-documented corruption, Allen is willing to stand up and fight when few others will.

Such was the case yet again when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s program and ended up comparing Hollyweird to 1930s Germany because of how anti-free speech and ideologically committed it is.

Watch that here:

“You went to the presidential inauguration?” host Kimmel led off, handing the conversation over to Allen.

“I was invited,” he said. “We went to the Veteran’s Ball. I went to see the Democrats and Republicans. Yeah, I went to the inauguration.”

“I’m not attacking you,” Kimmel reassured him.

Ten Allen let him know why he responded the way he did. “I’m not kidding, you gotta be real careful around here, you get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes, it’s  like ’30s Germany.” 

“If you’re not part of the group. you know what we believe is right. well, I might have a problem with it. I’m a comedian, I like going on both sides. this government does stuff big. I’ve never been to anything like that,” he continued.

“Was it a big deal?” Kimmel then asked?

“Just so many people. and when they show up, the ex-president gets in a helicopter, and jets and marines take him this way. But it looks like a Cadillac parade. Just rows of Cadillacs. My kids were going, is this the parade? It’s like a black Cadillac, a black  Cadillac, and then a tractor. there are no marching bands.”

Allen then used the opportunity to segue into a different story, although he couldn’t help but comment on other cultural issues of the day. 

“I used to like parades,” he began. “Funny off story, I took my little ones. I’m not ignorant, but sometimes I play it. We went to see the Santa Monica parade down on Santa Monica  Boulevard. The gay parade. When they say gay, I thought there would be floats and stuff. You don’t want to take a 5-year-old to that parade. Look at the music, it’s a fire truck with naked men on it.

“Gay pride parades have a different tone than Disney on ice parade. There’s no ice. It’s a lot of nude guys on vehicles. it’s hard to — 

That must have been when the little voice in Kimmel’s ear told him it was well past time for him to end the conversation and shut Allen up, as he cut him off and asked him about doing stand-up around the country.  But, still, Allen was able to get his message out before that happened and, hopefully, opened the eyes of at least a few people to what things are like and how stifling the anti-free speech policies of the left are.

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