Marvel’s Latest Woke Trailer Gets Hammered by YouTube Dislikes

The trailer for Marvel’s new movie, “The Marvels,” is not getting a good reception from the internet. In fact, it’s receiving a record number of dislikes from people on YouTube. Predictably, the very woke movie industry isn’t blaming Marvel for producing a terrible trailer for a movie that looks woke and laughably bad, but is instead blaming “sexism.”

Though YouTube has hidden the total number of dislikes on videos, than can be viewed with a browser plugin. And the total number of dislikes on the trailer for “The Marvels”? Nearly 700,000. Here’s the trailer that people were disliking:

So people thought that that was terrible. The main gimmick of the trailer, the “heroes” switching powers, is dumb. Woke Disney made it. The main characters were obviously chosen for their skin color and sexual organs, not talent. Ideology aside, it’s just bad. Add a conservative worldview back into the mix and its even worse. People watching it got that, hence the dislikes.

But were woke Hollywood and its industry journals willing to accept that? Nope. Instead, they blamed “hate” and the like. Screen Rant, for example, suggested as to suggest bots are being used. Here that is [emphasis ours]:

In terms of how such hate campaigns can manifest, one part is rallying their supporters to dislike and review bomb the projects they wish to attack in an effort to prove their minority is actually in the majority…

[…]there are very real issues of racism and misogyny that pervade society. As such, it’s incredibly likely there is a large number of people who take issue with The Marvels trailer simply because it’s led by a white woman, a Black woman and a young Pakistani-Canadian woman.

Uproxx was similarly unwilling to accept that maybe people just didn’t like the trailer, with its title for its article on the situation being, “‘The Marvels’ Trailer Is Being Dislike-Bombed By Grudge-Holding Trolls, Long After They Review-Bombed ‘Captain Marvel’ Without Watching It

Those leftist rags miss the point, either intentionally or because they’re blinded by ideology. The reason for the massive number of dislikes for the woke trailer isn’t that women are in it and that people just dislike it because of female actors or non-white actors. The reason people dislike it, rather, is that it’s woke drivel that uses women, minorities, and an overreliance on special effects to try to rope people into watching while coasting off of a reputation that hasn’t been deserved in a long, long while.

In other words, Marvel is using social and reputational capital built up with its original films to now try to push leftism, mainly feminism and idolization of diversity, on its audience. Some people are apparently fine with that, but many aren’t and are instead sick and tired of the affirmative action acting and leftist studios skinning the franchises they love alive and then wearing the skin like a skinsuit while demanding the audience be supportive.

We’ll see if normal people stay angry longer than Marvel can stay solvent, but, either way, it looks like the woke movie franchise has finally started losing lots of fans.

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