WATCH: Event Erupts In Chaos When Woke Anthropologist Claims Bones Don’t Reveal Sex

The site of a “controversial” speaking event featuring former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, who competed in NCAA events during the contentious involvement of biological male Lia Thomas’s senior year, erupted into chaos when the former swimmer asked a woke anthropologist if the study of ancient human remains could yield information about the nature of the dead person’s sex.”

“I actually have a question for you. You being an anthropologist, which anthropology is the study of human civilization–” Gaines prefaced her question of the unidentified academic.

“So if you were to dig up a human, two humans, in 100 years from now, both man and woman, could you tell the difference, strictly off of bones?” she then asked.

In the hard-to-watch, which evidences the absolute decay and mockery of learning that higher education now produces, Gaines’ object of inquiry responds with just a one-word answer.

“No,” the anthropologist declared as the room burst into uncontrollable laughter. Take a look at the ridiculous exchange.

“I’m not sure why I’m being laughed at if I’m the expert in the room,” the anthropologist continued after most of the people in the room lost themselves in a fit of incredulous laughter. “Have any of you been to archeological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I’m just saying, I’ve got over 150 years of data, I’m just curious as to why I’m being laughed at.”

“I actually, believe it or not, have put a lot of research into this because –” Gaines attempted to respond, before being cut off by the helplessly woke professor, who said, “I have a Ph.D.,” before the crowd once again rejoined in a second round of laughter.

Later, on Twitter, Gaines mocked the PhD’s dissertation, saying, “A quote from his PhD dissertation: ‘As a Black male student-athlete at a predominantly white university in the Northeast, my intellectual capacity was constantly called into question in ways that non-athletes and non-Black students did not have to deal with.'”

She then added, as a comment on that, “I just find this so ironic since he literally called all of our intellectual capacity into question🙃😂”

Gaines, a former collegiate swimmer turned biological women’s rights activist and conservative speaker, is also a fierce defender of Christianity. In a two-part Twitter thread on March 30th, for example, she said:

I was speaking at the University of Arkansas tonight and after my speech a group of 8ish college students asked if they could pray over me.

I feel so reassured that what we’re facing is truly spiritual warfare and that God will prevail as he always does.

I was so encouraged to see young Christians so willing to speak Gods message in a climate where that’s deemed “bigoted”. Reminder to pray for those who persecute you. Amidst hard times, I’m reminded we have such an amazing Savior🕊️🤍

A powerful, very true message. Christians and Christianity are under attack. But, with faith in God, all things is possible, including winning the culture war with spiritual warfare.

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded video

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