Airplane Passenger’s Rudeness, Attitude Gets Her Voted Off the Plane

In yet another uncomfortable airline incident, a passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight got “voted” off the plane by her fellow travelers after a verbal altercation broke out before the aircraft even took off.

That incident, which occurred last week on a flight bound for Atlanta, was captured in a number of TikTok videos that have since gone viral. In the videos, a verbal altercation breaks out between a couple, another passenger, and a flight attendant. The plane had not yet taken off and was on the ground at Trenton Mercer Airport in New Jersey.

The fight allegedly started because the couple in the video was arguing with the flight attendant over a seat on the plane. Then another passenger got involved and started antagonizing the couple for no clear reason.

The couple was then escorted off of the plane by a crew member, with the woman saying, “The fact that you are requesting us to get off is ridiculous. He literally has not done anything wrong.” Regardless, they had to leave, and the woman yelled at the annoying passenger a few rows back, saying, “We have been asking you to mind your own business this whole plane ride.” She then added, “She needs to get off the plane if anything.”

The other passengers apparently agreed, as that sparked a vote in which the annoying woman who had antagonized the couple was voted off the plane by her fellow passengers. Here are the three videos of the uncomfortable incident, videos which have already garnered over 16 million views:


Im just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #frontier

♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li


Im just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #frontier

♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li


Still just tryna get home #lanaisli #trenton #atlanta #jersey #fyp #frontier

♬ original sound – L a n a i s Li

The Mirror added that this incident comes amidst a rash of unruly airline incidents, with people seemingly unable to behave themselves on planes and follow basic rules of decency and civility while in public. In its words:

In 2022, there were 2,455 reports of unruly passengers to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Out of these reports, 831 investigations were initiated where authorities looked into the incidents to determine if any further action was needed.

Further, the Dallas Morning News reported in March that there has been a major uptick in on-flight fights and other disagreeable incidents, saying:

Dallas-Fort Worth’s hometown air carriers are still breaking up fights and subduing unruly passengers nearly a year after the face mask mandate dropped, with incidents often caught on camera and posted to social media.

On Monday, a video of a fight that broke out on a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix garnered over 13,000 views on Twitter of a man holding another man in a headlock. Another video, in September, showed a man “sucker punching” an American Airlines flight attendant in the back of the head on a flight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to Los Angeles.

In November, a Southwest flight traveling from Houston to Ohio made an emergency stop in Arkansas because of an unruly passenger who, authorities said, tried to open an exit door during the flight.

There have even been passengers that have gone viral for posting about their flights on social media. An Australian political commentator who was aboard an American flight to Dallas caused an internet stir when she “rage-tweeted” about being “wedged between two obese people.”

Featured image credit: screengrab from the embedded video

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