Dee Snider Stands Up for Fellow Rocker, Rejects Trans Activists’ Demands

Former Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider stood up for a fellow rock star, Paul Stanley, and agreed with him on saying that children are not old enough to make life-altering decisions via gender reassignment procedures, or “gender-affirming care,” as the left calls it.

Paul Stanley, the lead singer and the co-founder of KISS, recently took to Twitter to speak out against transgender gender reassignment surgeries being performed on young kids. In the statement, he said that there is a significant difference between “teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging young children into questioning their sexual identification.” In other words, teaching kids not to be cruel to transgender individuals is on thing and is a positive. Encouraging them to go through gender reassignment surgery when little kids is far, far different. In his full statement, Stanley said:

“There is a BIG difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification as though some sort of game and then parents in some cases allow it. There ARE individuals who as adults may decide reassignment is their needed choice but turning this into a game or parents normalizing it as some sort of natural alternative or believing that because a little boy likes to play dress up in his sister’s clothes or a girl in her brother’s, we should lead them steps further down a path that’s far from the innocence of what they are doing. With many children who have no real sense of sexuality or sexual experiences caught up in the “fun” of using pronouns and saying what they identify as, some adults mistakenly confuse teaching acceptance with normalizing and encouraging a situation that has been a struggle for those truly affected and have turned it into a sad and dangerous fad.”

Agreeing with him, Dee Snider quote tweeted the statement on Twitter, saying, “You know what? There was a time where I “felt pretty” too. Glad my parents didn’t jump to any rash conclusions! Well said @PaulStanleyLive

Commenting on Snider’s post, one person agreed wholeheartedly with him, saying, “As a tomboy when I was in foster care in the 90s, I am very grateful this was not a thing back then. I had no legal guardian other than the government, they would’ve trans my tomboy butt in a hot second.”

Another said, “I wanted a girl doll for Christmas when I was 5. You could feed it a bottle and it would wet its diaper. I wanted to know how it worked. I got my doll and my parents didn’t sterilize me or give me hormones. Thanks Mom and Dad.”

Also agreeing with Snider and Stanley, another commenter said, “I completely agree Dee. When I was a kid I sometimes played with barbies. Sometimes I wanted to try on nail polish. If I grew up today, people would have tried to manipulate me into believing I was a girl. It’s scary.

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