Ford Joins in Woke Advertising with Jaw-Dropping Truck Ad

A Ford advertisement has resurfaced on social media featuring what Ford calls the “Very Gay Raptor” which seeks to redefine “tough”.  Conservative commentator Caroline Wilder tweeted a video of the Ford advertisement from 2022, which now seems to be getting renewed attention amid the Bud Light boycott.

The advertisement features two Ford Raptors racing through rough, off-road terrain covered in mud.  The two trucks then pass through water which washes off the mud revealing their paint jobs.  One of the trucks features a massive rainbow that covers the hood and extends down the side of the vehicle.  Watch the video below.

Twitter users voiced their disdain for the “Very Gay Raptor” in the comments of Caroline’s tweet.  One user said, “I will be dumping my ford stock today.”  Another said, “Bud Light / AB: We’re going to put a transgender on our cans, alienate our user base, and lose 25% revenue in less than a month! Ford: Hold my beer.”  

One person expressed how out of touch these marketing executives are with average America, stating, “Showing wokeness is nothing more than a company’s executives accidentally revealing that they are completely surrounded by luxurious society. They don’t think they are flipping off half of the country because they only know progressives and think that’s what all Americans value.”

Another user comically added, “Interesting Fact: During the race, the red truck misgendered the other vehicle, which identifies as a Lamborghini, by calling it a “truck” which it then halted the race and sobbed uncontrollably for the next few hours, which explains why the final scene was in the evening.”

If Ford is going to join Bud Light, Adidas, and others in woke advertising that doesn’t work, then it might as well use it to promote its electric truck, the Ford Lightning, which also does not work well. Motortrend, reporting on the disappointing, expensive failure that is the Ford Lightning, particularly when it comes to trying to use it to tow a trailer, said:

Before you hitch an Airstream to your electric truck and set out to circumnavigate the country, you need to understand this: With the largest available battery pack, a fully charged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has less energy onboard than a regular F-150 with four gallons of gas in its tank.

Consider how far a combustion-powered F-150 would tow at max capacity on four gallons of regular unleaded. Thirty five miles? Maybe 40 if you drive slowly?

Now that you understand where we’re starting from, you won’t be as surprised to learn that the towing range of the electric F-150 is dismal. In MotorTrend testing, an F-150 Lightning Platinum saddled with a camper that nearly maxed out its 8,500-pound towing capacity couldn’t even cover 100 miles. Range improved when we hooked up a significantly lighter trailer, but not by as much as you might expect.

Note:   Featured image is screen grab from embedded video.

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