Indian Bridal Mag Hammered for Putting…Hairy Man on the Cover

LGBT colonialism prompted one of the latest bizarre stories of the week, this time originating in India where a quite hirsute biological male squeezed into a bridal dress and graced the covers of a presumably traditional women’s magazine.

The magazine is titled Brides Today and is an English-language publication in the world’s second-largest country by population.

“Non-binary transfeminine” activist model Alok Vaid-Menon, who goes by ALOK, appeared on one cover decked out in Indian jewels, a teal outfit, and a skirt. In a second, the model wears makeup, an Indian dress with a bra-like blue top and matching skirt, and lots of jewels,” Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire wrote.

In captions alongside the photographs which appeared on Instagram, the woke publisher announced that it had “the audacity to embrace authenticity” – whatever that means.

“The reason LGBTQI+ people are hunted is because we have the audacity to embrace authenticity and autonomy in a world that prescribes conformity. People take their own insecurities and project them at us. If they were secure in themselves, they wouldn’t seek to deny and disappear us. In other words: the continued discrimination against our community is an indication of the mental health struggle of our non-LGBTQI peers,” one caption began

“What’s needed then is the promotion of positive mental health for all. What’s needed is the creation of a culture tied together with love, not shame,” the Brides Today’s cover model stated.

In a second post, ALOK writes about supposedly living in fear simply from walking in the street and facing constant threats of “being attacked.”

“I’ve been bullied my entire life. I wish I could be able to walk down the street—and exist in public—without fear of being attacked. I wish I could post an image of myself online without being inundated with hate mail. I wish I could be seen as a human being… But I’m not going to wait for that future, I’m going to build it now, here, with the people who are ready for love,” the “gender non-conforming and trans-feminine” person wrote.

And the bridal magazine isn’t the only company using men in women’s clothes for branding. Adidas did as well, displaying an obvious man in a women’s swimsuit.

The New York Post wrote that the latest questionable campaign was part of the company’s “Pride 2023” collection and that the rainbow-colored one-piece was selling for an insanely high price, saying:

Adidas this week launched its “Pride 2023” swimwear collection, advertising bathing suits on its web site under the “women’s” section with the help of a model that appeared to be male. 

One of the bathing suits — a colorful one-piece called the “Pride Swimsuit” that was being advertised for $70 — was being shown off by an apparently male model who also was also displaying a noticeable bulge in the crotch area.

An accompanying video on Adidas’ site shows the model sashaying in the one-piece, with the camera at one point zooming to reveal a patch of chest hair rising above the neckline.

It was unclear if the model identifies as a male or is transgender.

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