LeBron Flops Again in NBA Playoff Game

LeBron James is back to doing his usual routine and flopping on the court, pretending to be injured or fouled in the hope of gaining an unfair advantage for his team. This time that occurred in the NBA playoffs, making the ridiculous routine all the more egregious.

In game two of the Western Conference Semifinals, James inexplicably falls to the floor as the game clock approaches half-time. Two lakers teammates rush to lift him off the ground, but not before the Warriors on CBS Twitter account offered a hilarious video of the play, writing, “Wait … Why did LeBron fall down?”

Some are saying that this play appears to indicate that James’ right leg is giving out, forcing him to collapse to the floor. To others, it simply looks like another instance of James playing up a fall for the cameras, to bolster his legacy in the game. LeBron’s week hasn’t been all bad, as he and the rest of the James family celebrated son Bronny James’ commitment to the University of Southern California. The younger James will play for the basketball team, and an emotional LeBron offered his thoughts on his oldest son’s commitment, in an interview shared by CBS Sports:

“One of the best days of my life. First of all, congratulations to Bronny on his decision he made. I’m super proud of him, our family is proud of him. For me personally, it’s even more special to me because it’s the first time someone out go my family to go to college. Obviously I didn’t go to college. It’s just a proud moment to see my son go to college, and he’s the first one to go college in my family. Super duper proud, super emotional, but just super duper excited and happy for his journey. Today was a proud day. I couldn’t lose today no matter the outcome of this game.”

LeBron isn’t just the king of the flop, he’s also the king of hurt feelings. At one point, he had a fan thrown out for some minor thing that got him annoyed, as the Daily Wire reported, saying:

James got a couple of fans tossed from his team’s overtime win against the Indiana Pacers back in November 2021 after serving a one-game suspension for punching a player in the face.

CBS News reported at the time that it was not clear why James was mad because no obvious incident occurred.

“It’s not entirely clear what got LeBron upset,” CBS Sports reported. “There was no obvious incident like throwing an object or coming on the court, so you’d have to guess that one of the fans said something.”

James grabbed the officials and led them to the people he claimed were acting up. Video of the incident captured moments before appeared to show one of the two people waving their arms in James’ direction. About 10-15 seconds later, James is seen grabbing an official by the arm, bringing the official to where the fans were seated, and pointing at the individuals in question while yelling: “It’s right f***ing here!”

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