Obama Era “Dreamer” Suspected in Californa Stabbing Spree

A man was arrested in California late last week in connection with a string of murderers. But, the suspected serial killer is no American from California. Rather, the suspected serial killer, Carlos Dominguez, is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador. He came to the United States as an unaccompanied minor during the Obama Administration.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has filed a detainer request for Dominguez, who is 21 years old and arrived in the United States in 2009, coming through Galveston, TX. ABC 10, reporting on the situation, notes that the detainer means Dominguez will be detained by ICE if local law enforcement authorities release him.

Dominguez, a former University of California Davis student, is accused of stabbing three people. Two of the victims were stabbed to death and the remaining victim is recovering from the attack in the hospital. Each of the stabbings was a separate incident, occurring from April 27 to May 1 of this year, 2023.

Those killed were David Breaux and Karim Abou Najm. The third, surviving victim is Kimberlee Guillory. Still in the hospital, she said, “I’m grateful that I’m alive and that I wasn’t killed. I was so scared when he started punching me. I thought that’s what he was doing, was punching me. I didn’t realize he was stabbing me until afterwards. Everything just went kind of black from there.”

Continuing, she then said, “I’m glad that they got him. I was praying for that, that nobody else will have to go through this. Me and the other two victims never did anything to him. There was no reason for him to come after people that that he didn’t even know.

Davis separated from UC Davis “for academic reasons” on April 25, two days before the string of stabbings began. Predictably, the woke school defended the alleged serial killer and illegal immigrant, saying, in part (emphasis ours):

We urge the community not to rush to conclusions or speculate until all facts are known. We are grateful for law enforcement’s quick response and resolution during an extremely difficult period for the city and campus.

CBS News notes that Dominguez’s former roommate was shocked he was arrested for the stabbings, saying:

One, a former roommate, and the other, a friend, did not want to be identified as they say they are still processing what their former friend is accused of and the changes they say they saw in him last year.

“I could not believe this whole madness coming down when I first heard the news,” said the former friend.

The former roommate, who lived with Dominguez for a year from 2021 to 2022, said Dominguez was a typical roommate. The pair lived together in a house with multiple roommates and were social with each other.

“We would do things like play basketball, talk, play video games together, typical things of a house full of guys,” said the former roommate.

Featured image credit: Yolo County Sheriff’s Office
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