Target Hammered for “Tuck Friendly” Women’s Swimsuit

Joining fellow woke companies Bud Light, Ford, Starbucks, and Adidas, among many others, Target has now infuriated conservative customers with a female swimsuit that it promoted as being “tuck friendly” and having “extra crotch coverage.”

Fox News Digital, reporting on the swimsuits and the advertising for them, along with Target’s firm stance on the side of the left in the culture war, said:

Target has a history of being at the forefront of woke identity politics. The retailer sparked a boycott in 2016 after it posted a public statement declaring that “transgender team members and guests” are permitted “to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Target has had June Pride Month displays with rainbow and LGBTQ+ messaging for years, but the addition of female-style swimsuits that can be used to “tuck” male genitalia has outraged many online. The products, which can be found in a special pride section in stores, are also labeled as “Thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.”

Comedian Chrissie Mayr posted a vulgar tweet mocking Target’s swimsuit and dragging Bud Light back into the forefront of the culture war fight. Check that out here:

Speaking to Fox News Digital about the swimsuit, Mayr added, “No real woman would be caught dead in that swimsuit, it’s hideous. It’s exactly what a dude pretending to be a woman would wear. The only thing I’ll be tucking is my money back into my wallet and shopping elsewhere. What an obnoxious virtue signal from Target. And it’s not even June yet.”

Target’s wokeness and lack of attempts to cover it up are somewhat surprising given how much Bud Light has suffered as a result of its wokeness, losing billions after the Dylan Mulvaney post about a partnership with Bud Light. And that boycott show no signs of slowing down. Anson Frericks, who served as president of Anheuser-Busch’s business unit recently did an interview with Fox Business, in which he said “Every single week these sales numbers are being reported, and they’re getting worse and worse every single week. So I see this continuing to drag on until Bud Light makes a comment about what they stand for and what customers they’re going to serve.”

Continuing, he added, “With Bud Light, that was never part of the brand or part of the message. And I think that’s what’s upset so many people here. And that’s why I think this boycott is going to go on a lot longer than people give it credit for.

Explaining why a feeling of success is important for keeping the boycott going, he then added, “There’s two reasons that boycotts tend to be successful. The first is when it’s easy for consumers to switch to other brands. And it’s secondarily when people feel like they’re having an impact. And in this, Bud Light, it’s not very that much different than Coors Light or Miller Lite. It’s water, it’s barley, it’s hops. What sets it apart is its messaging. And so it’s easy for consumers to switch the grocery store, the convenience store, and… consumers feel like they’re having an impact.

And, in his view, Bud Light shot itself in the foot by jumping out of the neutral, apolitical space it was formerly in and taking a political stance with the Mulvaney partnership. As he put it:

What does Bud Light stand for? Bud Light… was a brand that was never about politics. This is always about a brand that brought people together. It was about football, It was about sports. It was about music. It never got involved in political situations. That’s why it was enjoyed by both Republicans and Democrats equally, and that was what made the brand actually remarkable, is that it was remarkably unpolitical and this is just a political situation they should not have got themselves in.

But Target did just that with the swimsuit, setting itself up for Bud Light-like humiliation.

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