Woke Bubba Wallace Loses It, Insults Fan in Post-Race Interview

A recent video shows NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace losing his cool and making a vulgar hand signal at the camera after a second-place finish at the North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina.

Reporter Noah Lewis tweeted, “The boos for @BubbaWallace after today’s truck race & during driver intros were very loud at North Wilkesboro Speedway. A @wsoctv reporter asked a great question about how/if that affects Bubba. Wallace gave a great answer in return. #NASCAR.”

The reporter asked Wallace about the boos from the crowd, where he said, “That’s every week” and, “It’s sports, it’s always going to be there.” “Hey, as long as you continue to live your life, judging a book by its cover, that’s who you are,” he said. “Don’t change it up for anybody else. That’s the biggest thing. That’s fine. I mean I finished 5th. I got a good payday. I’m good.”

Social media users commented under Lewis’ tweet voicing their opinions on the boos.  One user named Jim said, “Drew attention to himself with a fake narrative that divides people. Bill Lester or Wendell Scott never got booed. Went out & raced & did there best with not close to the equipment Bubba has.”  Someone else added, “It’s not his skin color, it’s his attitude, it’s his driving “skill”, it’s how he races. Overly aggressive and he cant win races in Championship equipment.”

Another user said, “It’s a terrible answer. He should ask “what did I do to contribute to this?” Instead he has little capacity for taking responsibility and continues to blame others. For every person parroting the “racists” stuff below, did Suarez get booed like that?”

However, Wallace raced again on Sunday where he finished second place.  In a post-race interview with Fox News, he flipped off the interviewer and the camera.  The crude gesture has drawn criticism across the internet.  Watch the video below.

One Twitter user said,Bubba Wallace being all class again. NOT! What a jack leg. He knew he was on camera with Fox too. #AllStarRace.”

This is far from the first time that Wallace riled NASCAR fans with his post-race behavior. At a race in October, Wallace became the center of an on track showdown as he rushed at a smaller and potentially concussed Kyle Larsen.

Then, Kyle Larson, driver of the number 5 car, aggressively moved to pass Wallace, whose car was forced to scrape the wall. Wallace then ended Kyle Larson’s race by spinning him into the grass, totaling the cars of Larson, Wallace, and Christopher Bell, a third driver who saw his championship hopes decimated by the collision in the process.

Wallace wasn’t finished there. After wrecking Larson and Bell, Wallace exited his vehicle and hurried toward Larson, who looked to be a bit dazed after the hit he just took in his vehicle. Wallace then begins angrily shoving the chest of Larson, who did not want to be a part of any physical confrontation. As Larson tried to move away, Wallace continued forward yelling and shoving the much smaller driver.

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