Chuck Schumer apologizes for referring to disabled children as ‘Retarded’

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer might have just avoided skating in the rink of cancel culture as he issued an apology for referring to disabled children as “retarded” as reported by NY Post.

The incident took place this weekend when Schumer made a guest appearance on the “1 NYCHA” podcast and forgot that it wasn’t 1980 anymore, and used the word “retarded” quite freely during his interview.

What did Chuck Schumer say?

Well, it went a little bit like this:

“When I first was an assemblyman, they wanted to build a congregate living place for retarded children,” recalled Schumer, who represented parts of Brooklyn in Albany between 1975 and 1980. “The whole neighborhood was against it! These are harmless kids. They just needed some help.

“We got it done,” Schumer added. “Took a while.”


A video of the podcast also was posted where Schumer is saying the word “retarded”, but the closed captioning has it deleted, which is a miniature form of cancel culture in and of itself by censoring a word.Video of the podcast was posted on the “1 NYCHA” Facebook page with the word “retarded” deleted from the closed captioning.

Here’s the YouTube version of the same video. It’s about an hour long, so you might need popcorn.

Oddly enough, the apology came from Chuck Schumer’s spokesman, named Angelo Roefaro, who spoke to NY Post:

“For decades, Sen. Schumer has been an ardent champion for enlightened policy and full funding of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro told the Post.“He used an inappropriate and outdated word in his description of an effort he supported that was led by the AHRC to build a group home in his Brooklyn district decades ago to provide housing and services to children with developmental disabilities,” Roefaro added. “He is sincerely sorry for his use of the outdated and hurtful language.”

For those who are wondering, the organization’s acronym was AHRC and that stood for “Association for the Help of Retarded Children” but they don’t really use the full name anymore.

Seems like they’re only saying the acronym now, but that doesn’t really change what the name means, does it?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply change the entire name to something more fitting for today’s times? Or did they purposely drop the name but leave the acronym?

Regardless of all their name changes or inappropriate word choices, there’s one thing we know for sure…

If Donald Trump said the same thing, then he would be hounded by the media and rabid social media commentary right now. They would be calling for him to be banned from every podcast in existence because the leftists simply don’t like him.

But when Chuck Schumer does it, no one bats an eye.

Funny how that works.

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