WATCH: Dan Bongino reacts to Joe Biden Whispering during ‘Creepy’ Conference

If there’s one thing Dan Bongino does well, then it’s this.

President Joe Biden randomly began whispering during a live news conference and social media erupted with people calling the Democrat leader “creepy” and Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino discussed it on Fox News.

However, this wouldn’t be Sleepy Joe’s first time being labeled as a creep considering all the very disturbing videos of him being handsy or appearing close enough to smell someone’s hair. But this time Joe Biden was a different “creepy” and he began whispering like he was telling a live audience a secret, despite there being a microphone and sound system, and people just couldn’t get enough of it – in the sense they were laughing AT the president, not with the Democrat.

Before we show you Dan Bongino’s reaction to the silent creeper, the context is quite important.

Here’s what happened leading up to the creepy whispering by Joe Biden, reported by NY Post:

When asked about additional relief for families, Biden whispered toward PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor: “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far. They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for child care.”

Later, when asked by CNN reporter Phil Mattingly about how the deal was brokered despite low expectations, Biden said in a normal speaking voice that he always thought the outlook was good.

“I’m not going to negotiate with the press when I’m negotiating privately with my colleagues. And these are very tough decisions. I don’t in any way dismiss what Sen. [Chris] Murphy [D-Conn.] says about the environment. I don’t dismiss it at all,” Biden said.

Dropping to a Joe Biden whisper and stooping as his eyes grew wide, Biden added: “I wrote the bill on the environment. Why would I not be for it?”

Here’s the Joe Biden whisper heard around the world:

And here is the brilliant response by Dan Bongino who can’t even contain himself after watching Joe Biden whisper during a presidential disaster.

For anyone out there who voted for Joe Biden, please send your apology to us immediately.

WATCH Dan Bongino react to Joe Biden’s careless whispers:

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