We Must Finish The Wall: Trump Trounces Biden over Failed Policy Disasters

Former President Donald Trump is fed up and calling out President Joe Biden’s disastrous and failing policy rollbacks that stopped border wall construction.

Trump made a bold statement against sleeping sitting President Joe Biden, saying about the border of United States and Mexico: “I built a wall — Biden built a humanitarian catastrophe,” reported NY Post.

Trump continued, saying in an op-ed: “​​Our nation is being destroyed by Biden’s border crisis. The United States must immediately restore the entire set of border security and immigration enforcement measures we put into place ​— and critically, we must finish the wall​… ​A nation without borders is not a nation at all. For the sake of our country, Joe Biden must finish sealing the border immediately, or the American People must elect a Congress that will,” the former president continued.

Donald Trump suggested that Joe Biden’s rollback of border policies, particularly the border wall, have caused great harm to the border and the country. Evidence that can be referenced are staggering border numbers that hit record highs in the last 20 years.

Stopping border wall construction does not seem like such a great idea now, does it.

NBC News reported what Biden’s DHS pick stated about record levels at the border:

“We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years. We are expelling most single adults and families. We are not expelling unaccompanied children,” Mayorkas said in a statement addressing what he described as a “difficult” situation at the border.


To further illustrate the problem the border patrol is dealing with since rolling back Trump policy, the NY Post released an article in April that discussed hordes of migrants flooding the border because Biden stopped construction and, according to the post, workers weren’t permitted to finish the rest of the border wall with fencing, to at lease provide some sort of barrier to make illegal entry into the United States even slightly more challenging.

Hordes of illegal immigrants are taking advantage of gaps in the border wall amid halted construction under President Biden, a border agent has revealed.

That piece stated:

“It’s insane,” a border official speaking to Fox News said while attending to a group of 13 Brazilian migrants near a 100-foot gap in the fence in Otay Mesa, Calif.

“The project is three-quarters done. At least, they should be allowed to tie together the primary fence. Otherwise, we’re trying to catch these people in the worst possible place. It’s just sucking our manpower,” the agent continued.

Smugglers send groups of asylum seekers through the gaps to overwhelm the agents, the agent told the network. When agents leave to intercept or apprehend one group, another one dashes across.

To put things lightly – Donald Trump and many Americans are not happy with the failed Democrat decisions dealing with the border of US and Mexico.

To make it worse, it’s the border patrol who has to deal with this mess on a daily basis, not to mention the citizens who live along the border.

Kamala Harris doesn’t seem interested in doing her job, so this could be a long few years of the border being flooded due to weak Democrat policy.

If you spot an illegal immigrant, then call Kamala Harris and let her know to come pick up her friends.

In other news, Trump is visiting the unfinished border wall today with Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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