Joe Biden ignores questions as reporters get kicked out while asking

President Joe Biden sat with world leaders and faced numerous questions from the press. How many were answered? Well, in this short video clip seen on YouTube, it seems like President Joe Biden sat there with his mask on and did not feel up to answering anyone.

Sad to say, the people want answers and when the reporters are doing their job, or at least trying to, and they get ignored by the leader of the free world – what does that say?

And let’s make things just a little bit worse. Let’s have a full grown adult shooing everyone out of the room in the most rude fashion we could imagine, like a bunch of toddlers getting rounded up after recess.

Imagine being a well respected journalist who’s in a room full of important world leaders and someone is literally giving you the “shoo fly shoo” treatment like you’re a pest. Like you’re some sort of adult child who’s walking around in a depends (like Joe, one day, maybe) and another adult is talking to you like this.

I don’t know what’s more annoying as a fellow journalist – President Joe Biden making eye contact and ignoring your question, or the cackling hen of a human who’s shoo-flying everyone out of the room like they’re not worthy.

Let’s face it, even if CNN’s Jim Acosta was in the room and wanted a solid question answered, he still deserves the answer. Acosta may lob softball questions at Joe, like asking about ice cream flavors or if he has matching socks on today – but Americans still deserve the answers, even if the questions are hilariously terrible.

Now let’s look at this from another perspective. Perhaps there’s a time limit and reporters are given a short window of minutes to ask questions. Well, what if there’s important questions that deserve an answer? Are we to expect world leaders to ignore those questions while millions of Americans deserve the answer?

Joe Biden can be thrilled to meet Boris’ wife, but not answer questions while reporters are kicked out. Makes perfect sense if there’s a clown show running the government. Biden can chicken out of meeting Putin, but not answer questions? Got it. Joe Biden can mix up Syria and Libya, but not answer questions. Got it.

Something needs to change, because what you see in this video below is NOT it.

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