SEE IT: St. Louis Couple shows off new gun after others seized over BLM incident

Readers may know this couple fairly well after their stand-off with Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters took the world by storm. A new report on Fox News has a major update for the pair!

This is the St. Louis couple who went wildly viral as Black Lives Matter stormed through their neighborhood and the couple guarded their property outside with weapons.

After protecting their home from any potential rioting, physical, or damaging behavior, which has been noted often in videos when things get out of control, the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, had to plead guilty to lesser charges and agree to pay fines over the incident that took place last summer.

The Black Lives matter protesters rioters were on the couple’s private property last summer, and that’s what prompted the pair to arm themselves and stand tall to ensure their property wasn’t ransacked like a Walmart during one of the many looting sessions we’ve seen over the last year or two.


As a result, the guns used in that incident will be confiscated and destroyed, but that didn’t stop Mark and Patricia McCloskey from heading to the gun shop two days later to pose with a brand new AR-15 they intend to purchase.

The legal situation they’re in doesn’t prevent them from buying new weaponry, but they did lose their old guns.

Mark McCloskey posted on Twitter: “Checking out my new AR!” and included two photographs. One with him and a store owner, and another photo with his wife, Patricia.

Both seem to be in good spirits despite the legal battle they ensued over BLM activists being on their private property and feeling the need to protect themselves and their home.

Fox News reported on the couples feelings about the 2nd Amendment:

“We’re strong advocates of the Second Amendment and we’re going to continue to exercise our rights and protect ourselves,” McCloskey told Fox News on Sunday. “We intend to keep our arms and bear them. We’re a constitutional carry state. I will replace those (guns) which the state took.”

McCloskey said he has received “hundreds” of positive comments from the Twitter post. He expects his new rifle will be ready for him on Thursday.


Millions of Americans might be wondering what direction President Joe Biden will take his gun control measures and how far left that pendulum would swing.

The good news is that patriots across the country are ready to stand tall to protect our beloved 2nd Amendment, including 29 sheriffs who’ve already signed on to protecting it and ensuring that Americans rights aren’t trampled on.

This is something we cannot let Democrats get away with. Their far left views could drag America down to levels we haven’t seen before and it’s time for Republicans to get back in there and administer some common sense! Make America ten times better, not ten times worse like the Democrats and their far-left agenda desire.

Photo: screenshot from YouTube

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