Texas Border Wall receives $250 Million Down Payment

Former President Donald Trump might be super excited to hear his former border wall project might have new hopes in Texas thanks to a $250 million down payment announced by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, per Texas.Gov.

Trump’s border wall construction project was in progress as he left the White House and now-President Joe Biden has put an end to it. But things may change when Gov. Abbott gets busy according to his recent press conference.

Abbott held the press conference in Austin, Texas, and stated there are numerous components to the plan that would essentially build a border wall along the border of Mexico. This would somewhat resume the project that Trump hoped to complete, but faced a direct challenge once Joe Biden took over the White House and stopped construction.

Joe Biden’s border issues now are clear as day and it’s unclear if Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will ever get the issues fully under control. Kamala Harris is still being criticized for not visiting the border, despite finding time to visit several other places, even Europe.

Gov. Abbott had several by his side during the press conference, including “Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Dade Phelan, Senate Finance and House Appropriations Chairs Jane Nelson and Greg Bonnen, and members of the legislature.”


The Texas Border Wall project could face a plethora of challenges, as reported on KPRC. A plan of action will be needed to confront challenges they face.

A release on Abbott’s website stated:

“The Biden Administration has abandoned its responsibilities to secure the border and Texans are suffering as a result,” said Governor Abbott. “The problems along the border are only getting worse due to President Biden’s inaction. Property is being destroyed, deadly drugs and illegal weapons are being smuggled into communities throughout the state, law enforcement is having to redirect their resources, and county judges and mayors are facing skyrocketing expenses. Texas is doing more than any state has ever done to protect the border, but it is clear that more is needed. In the Biden Administration’s absence, Texas is stepping up to get the job done by building the border wall. Through this comprehensive public safety effort, we will secure the border, slow the influx of unlawful immigrants, and restore order in our border communities.”

Abbott also announced that he will hire a program manager to oversee construction of the Texas border wall and ensure everything goes as planned and properly completed.

The program manager will be responsible for hiring contractors and determining which land is state owned and/or privately owned, then figuring out what to do in each scenario.

Abbott’s website further stated:

Additionally, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, Speaker Phelan, and Senator Nelson, and Representative Bonnen signed a letter during the press conference authorizing the transfer for $250 million as a down payment to launch the construction of the border wall and hire a program manager and contractors. Governor Abbott also noted that the state budget allocates 1.1 billion dollars towards border security — a record for the State of Texas.

While all of this was getting underway, Gov. Abbott had time to pen a letter to President Joe Biden to demand any land seized by the federal government should be immediately returned to the owners.

If the land is returned, the landowners will then be contacted and have the option to work with the Texas Border Wall project at their decision, which many might say is a lot better than having their land directly seized by the government.

In other news, President Joe Biden had canceled millions in funding that was set for Trump’s border wall.

Biden has been criticized as a hypocrite for stopping Trump’s border wall, because Biden originally had an interest in protecting the border as seen in a resurfaced video from 2006.

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